Be a noob (forum board mini game)


Oh! More coloured horses! I wonder what they drop when they are killed


O isa sharkky, lemme tarch it.


Snow men noses and lung tissue


eye gort aye coper coyn. i am wich


Hey hey hey dunot hacke is NOT GOD XDDDX


em wat is dat gwein fin?


A graen lezord wentz to hugg meh.


You’re mom noob


Babi shak du du du du du du
Babi shak du du du du du du
Babi shak du du du du du du
Babi shak Omi Guard HELIP MEA


The green goop licked me


Ermagerd! It’s a Pulomonscorpious! It’s Abberant! And then there is a… Koala? AHHH THE KOALA KILLED MEEEEEEE. NOOOOO. Humph.


Can I be admin


Only on tuesdays


Why not admindays


I found a cool trick to hide from PvP! If you want to avoid being hit by haxor jerk or person good at PvP, hide in a door and they can’t hit you!


ThAtS hAcKiNg I’m CalLiNg ThE cOpS




Being a noob, is an noob!