Be an idiot! (Game)


Whenever I blink, I can’t see, why is that?


Nooo! 1+1 is 11!


Turkey is a bird


Ali A is so cool :cool:


Bolcehead is a good game for one pointe sevan


All of the shootings in the states are fake news


Lol nasa is a fake they can go Pluto like dog from sesame stream but they say we dum and can’t Handel that jnfourmachen


I killed myself with happiness lol


Anime is not cartoon


Wat can I use to bee spray hippopotamuses ?


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Can I build a jellyfish with your vanilla smelling toothpaste ?


How to fly?


Lol dis gaem is graet


I actually play this game 24/7 even without posting


How to make reply?


what color is an orange?



(duh were out hir in da cold wats rong wit u)


wats an idiotic


rediculus bio data:
Age:im not dat old
Height: aim high
Adress: home sweet home
Occupation: doing da dishes :stuck_out_tongue:
Birthday: not yet but u can go 2 mi bro’s b-day parti
Birthplace: from mah mommas tummmmi
Religion: um um uuhhmmmm

employer’s reaction:
looks at sheet
“do you like star trek??”
“GREAT! You’re in!”