Be an idiot! (Game)


Carrot is a type of a rotten car.


milk first,then the cereal


Omg I’m insulted by the truth.


commit bury alive


no…Cereal first…only then the milk!


nonono, this is how i do it


in that order

and fr wh isnt there cereal that comes with milk? like thasts stuidpdid


You aren’t meant to snap Kit Kats duuhhhh


The earth is not flat

Density is actually a city


I am an idiot


Idiot means a clever person. Genius means a dumb person.


raises hand


If it’s smell my foot will I die? :thinking:

Sentence constructor! (game)

no no no, if youre feet RUN BLOOD youll die in a comma,


post above did lier, you die on exclaim mark when you eat the raw oxygen from whipped cream


The moment I look in the mirror is the moment my life ends. No seriously I literally die… that’s why I don’t own mirrors because they dangerous :grimacing:


My favourite subject is Humpty Dumpty.


Looks at flower These flowers ALWAYS make me sneeze… I wonder wut will happen if I smell them… :sneezing_face:


1.7 server credit is good.


But its opposite day


My printer won’t print gifs properly…

Also how do I look at a picture of the sun without going blind? IK IK if you look at the sun ur blind but how can I safely look at a pic of the sun without doing that? Help?