Be an idiot! (Game)


If only I could eat in the subway… that’s right!

starts eating while tons of others look at me rudely…


Actually, that’s not being an idiot on a technical point although the thread may say it.

Back on topic.

puts feet on other passengers on train…


USA and China is the best countrys in earth. (Actually, China makes knockoff items [you will find an iPhone with Mediatek Systems-on-chips and Symbian(escpecially Series 60 platform 5th edition)/Android/(formely)Windows Mobile OS and a kniockoff brand])


Do my goldfush poop out of mouth?? Halp??!!


drinks 99 cups of coffee
Mmm this tastes goodAHHHHHhhhHDVOIDVfVIDhbyug9tx (coffee increases a blockhead’s temperature like chillies but slightly weaker)


Actually, there is a talent where people spit water into each other’s mouth and I think at the end they could swallow it or put it in a cup.


:poop: double posting should be aloud :poop:


Owmigawd Jake Pawl is so awsame dabs


um wat is double posting?


Nu it shooddnt NEWWWB (not meant to be offensive)


Throws 30,000 volt taser with rubber band on it directly at your tongue.


licks 30,000 volt taser

licks random objects

licks Nintendo switch cartridge


(If you play Minecraft, Terraria, or any other game with a useless placeable/material and you have bad grammar) Advantage of dirt is building nice house and making powerful tool that can mine (insert powerful material/placeable such as Minecraft’s Diamonds/Obsidian, Fortnite’s Metal placeables, Terraria’s Chlorophyte/Lihzahrd Bricks,… here) and klil enemys instant.


Q the intro


I’m ill! I think I’ve got the turkey!


Challenge: king da ka while standing up.


Before gravity existed we all just floated.

Before color everything was black and white

Before we invented air we used to die all the time from lack of oxygen.

Before we invented the internet we used to be be bored all the time

Before we invented cringe, we just did did nothing all the time.

Before we invented joy, we Jsut sat there with no emotion.

Befoar weah inveanted grammaar weah juast tailked liake thias.


I never learned to breathe.


I em en edeot.
(Calling youself an Idiot, but with bad grammar spelling).


-Ali-a intro plays-