Beans could be a new plant that would spawn in random places. when eaten, they start to fill up a new meter called ‘gas meter’

This new meter would be a green color and it would show the amount of gas your blockhead has in it. if this meter is full your blockhead starts to hurt as they have too much gas inside their system.

the gas meter would be filled as you eat and drink with foods like apples not giving much, while beans give the most.

If you have too low gas, then your blockhead starts to suffocate as air is a gas. this gives another reason to eat different foods more often instead of just spamming rainbow cakes.

a way to get the gas meter down would to be walking around and basically moving about.

Tell me what you think!

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This should go in the Suggestions tag, as it seems very serious.

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or just making your blockheads as an explosive that would create a whole crater.
basically tnt in blockheads

i meant to put it in suggestions but i accidently used a draft from earlier so…

You can still change the category.