Beggar’s Tomb (REMASTERED 2021)

Let’s try this again. Are you ready for a challenge? Do you like to gamble? This is the place. Nearly 4 year old prison server with a facelift. Can you escape?'S%20TOMB

SEED : 1509890028

Beggar’s Tomb is not the server you remember. Spawn portal for example has been completely remodeled. The maze you all learned to love was demolished to make room for more water and killer sharks. Skeeve has the maze escape market cornered. I’m trying something different. Not many shark centric servers anymore. A little variety.

Check out this old server remastered with new gameplay. Custom economy geared towards the 1.7 update. Dodo birds, fully upgraded crafting areas, and trade portal jobs. Everything discovered. No mining. Buy property with a property quest. More on that later.

I’m including a shorter version of my welcome message here. I can’t give you directions but I can give advice on surviving this puzzle.

KILL SHARKS AND FISH FOR FOOD. :shark: + :tropical_fish: = :poultry_leg:

Heat + Water = Healing.

Drop shark jaws and unused clothing in deep water. You need the space for food. Do not litter at main spawn portal.

Welcome to Beggar’s Tomb. This server may not be for you. How many ways can you die? It will happen. Accept it.

Wear the armor provided. Swimming with sharks naked is not advised. A starter is in your inventory on login or after death. Use golden bow on sharks and fish. The more food you have the farther you swim.

You will die hundreds of times and kill thousands of sharks to find the exit. No regeneration time. Instant death. Are you up for a challenge?

Results may vary on how you tackle the puzzle. Explore. Die repeatedly. Escape.

A brand new challenge. I destroyed the maze and made the spawn challenge even bigger and harder. The aquarium is twice the size. I’m pretty happy with the result. Give feedback and let us know if you have any ideas at our Discord server. Link below. Only thing left to do is paint everything.

I did the math. It comes out to 8000 man hours in nearly 4 years. Roughly one month shy of a year. That is how much time I’ve put into building just this single server. Most asked question answered. Seriously everyone asks.

A great deal of those 8000 hours were spent at work getting paid. I play Blockheads while multitasking. $36 a year in server fees pays for itself as a stress reliever on the job. This is why I get to make the rules below.

Rule #1 is the most important and the most detailed.

No talking about the puzzle. General tips for survival and vague talk of strategies are fine. Directions or talk of the exit is not ok. Don’t talk about what you see in the puzzle. Once you escape keep it to yourself.

No one is going to hold your hand. Solve the puzzle on your own silently or kick rocks and leave. No questions. No comments. You will be 86’d. Talk about the Mets. Talk about cats. Don’t talk about the puzzle. It doesn’t exist. Don’t even mention it. You have been warned.

If you cannot stop talking about the non existent puzzle we may introduce no talking until you escape. By enforcement. Once you escape keep it to yourself.

Help no one. You may team up after escape. Not before.

Rule #2 is simple. Stay away from scorpions at night. Do not kill scorpions! Allow them to die naturally. This is the only mob I care about. All other monsters are free game.

Rule #3 is necessary for everyone’s sanity. No whining. No begging. No bad attitudes. It’s just a game. Play it fairly as designed. No handouts.

Rule #4 Finally no hacking good or bad. This is a prison server with a custom economy. You are working to purchase property. No hackers. No cheating. Thanks.

Just a few simple rules. Ask if you have any questions. Thanks for reading.

Since the world is admin protected we have a property quest. You must explore the entire surface of this 1x server. Using the subway at magma before acquiring all of the pole items is cheating. Once you have explored the entire surface of the server and gotten all of the pole items choose a spot to build. I will place property signs.

I suggest making a few platinum coins before you explore and circumnavigate. You will need a handcart for the surface subways and a boat. Baskets wouldn’t hurt either.

Once that part of the quest is completed and you’re waiting for me to grant the property it’s time for full bore crafting. You need 10 stacks of platinum coins. Keep the money but I need to see you can play the game.

We have two fully upgraded solar powered crafting areas. Dodos for miles.

Ok I think that should be enough for now. I’ll be making other comments on surviving the spawn puzzle. If you have any questions or suggestions let us know.


Wow! I have been dying to check out a challenge server lately!

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I wanted to look up the old thread for some pictures (of the old one, of course), but it seems to have disappeared. Is there a reason the old thread was deleted?

Sharks are my biggest fear in BH. So this will be the ultimate challenge. Nice work!

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@iiBlackSenii I believe sharks are what make this game so fun. Scorpions too but sharks are king. When you combine the heat of steam generators together with water. Near invincibility against the critters. Keep this in mind. Get a bunch of food and get back to safety kinda gig.

Sharks in the environment I’ve placed them are an endless renewable food source. No way to kill them all. Use the tactics I’ve put in place to escape. Try swimming under the main portal. Good fishing spot.

Like I said in the original post. Explore. Die repeatedly. Escape. A mini game. Once you are out it’s all about getting property and becoming unstoppable.

You can return to the aquarium at any time to slay newbies.

I understand scorpions because they are amazing at guarding your home at night. But I never knew you could do so much with sharks. Gotta check this out


Another thing to remember. The puzzle isn’t the game. It’s just a starting point to teach and test survival skill. There are other challenges on the outside. The South Pole for example. A mini shark challenge to get the boots. Built by a former admin.

I’m looking for builders who have the imagination to build an obstacle at each directional pole. Show us your skills on the property you buy to apply for the job.

A lot of unfinished projects. I’ve lost trust though so quests are part of the process. Let me know what y’all think of the game as it’s set up. You may have some ideas along the way.

Edit: I’ve turned PVP off for a few days. I’m giving people a chance to solve the spawn challenge uninterrupted. Reports have been coming in of people sitting at spawn just to player kill. This cease fire is temporary. Take advantage of it.

I can’t believe I have to say this. The #1 most important rule. Don’t talk about the puzzle. That of course includes not asking for directions to the exit. I went into detail on this rule for a reason. It’s not a rule I like making but it’s common sense. Please follow it.

Unfortunately I’ve had to ban one person from the forums already. This person will remain nameless. I literally spent a year building this server over the last 4 years. Why would I tell you directions on getting out? How would that be a challenge?

I really appreciate y’all’s participation and feedback so far. Please follow the few simple rules to make it fair and fun for everyone.

btw I’ve turned off PVP for awhile to give some of you a chance. It will be turned on again eventually.

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My iPod Touch is too small to take decent pictures. Trying to work around it. I’ll be editing this comment with server pics soon.

One request. Please do not post pictures of the main shark challenge here. Anything outside of the spawn complex and pole challenges is fine. Ask if I’m not making any sense. Thanks.

Any opinions or ideas on my remodeled server yet? Who has tried it?


How comes I have been banned from this server? I don’t remember doing anything wrong.

Sometimes that happens. I have been targeted by hackers. You never told me you were from the forums. I will unban.

How old is your iPod Touch and which version of iOS is it running? It might not be able to run the latest version of the game.

Transformed Spawn AGAIN. Gave it a bit more playability. You are unable to snipe sharks from the platform anymore. I did add a shark free healing pool back into the mix though. Very low shark spawn in this photo. I’ll take more pics later when fish schools in session. The shark schools get massive and deadly. Wanted to show y’all the new design now. Not later.

I feel this is important so I will repeat. Please do not post any pictures of the shark challenge map itself. Feel free to DM me any pictures of the server you think may be revealing first. Just want to keep mysterious fun for new people.


The compost blocks are slightly one block away from the middle center. But so far nice work!

if you try it will tell you that you are not connected to the internet

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I figured the asymmetrical compost was a design choice. It adds character and makes your spawn stand out. Either way, I for one think it looks nice! :smiley: I’ll have to check the server out soon.