Beggar’s Tomb


Welcome to the jungle, baby. You’re gonna die!’S%20TOMB

Read this entire welcome message to answer your questions. I will be building another underwater tunnel to the left of spawn central. Enter the building competition to help if you so desire. These are the steps you need to become a builder on this server. Take notes if you need to.

Instructions to receive property: Circumnavigate the entire server. Pole items re-spawn so I need you to collect all four pole items. There is a ladder to the top at every directional pole. I have also added a diamond portal and a fully upgraded trade portal at each pole. Feel free to teleport around once you uncover that part of the map.

So once you have circled the globe / server and have all four pole items we need you to amass a fortune. At least one stack of platinum coins. 99 platinum coins. You then scroll through the map you just uncovered and choose a piece of property. Show me where you want to build and I will place a 61x61 golden permission sign that will allow you to build on this admin protected server. Mission accomplished. If you need more room let me know.

From there we vote on your building skills to select builder admin. Those builder admin will then construct huge obstacles for players to roam though and maybe survive. Do you have what it takes? This is the time consuming process to become a regular here and contribute. It is non negotiable. That is how you gain my trust if you want it. Join us!

New reward. Dive deep in the shark aquarium and find the treasure / breathing spot. Bring lots of food and kelp to survive. If I see you there I will give you two platinum coins. Use bow to kill sharks.

TransBay Tunnel is now open. Handcart your way to the Sorth Pole in minutes. Boots of speed via underwater subway. Head right and down the stairs from the top. Enter subway under the Western coffee cherry trees. Also an entrance just past the Western cactus garden. Remember to stop riding handcart before crashing off the tracks. Tired of cleaning blood off the luminescent plaster walls. :grimacing:

Two blockhead character limit just initiated. Make it interesting.

Version 1.7 is here with a huge app update. We are now accepting builders who plan on sticking around. You may win the chance to build a new area in our huge spawn complex. How are your building skills? Anywhere from 1-5 winners will be announced depending on participation and content. Ask owner Freeway Killer or a “moderator” for details. This server is now open for exploration. Find the perfect location.

Welcome to Beggar’s Tomb. You will hate this place. If the password or whitelist is set that means I am working on something. Check back later. Maintenance is sometimes required. New areas coming soon. Patience.

To start off here is a repetitive disclaimer. Yes this is covered below but you need to know something straight away. You will die! That’s what we do here. Killing is how you survive. This is a mini-game. Team up or go solo but don’t expect to get far or accomplish much. Most importantly trust no one.

A maze with no way out? Where am I? Your worst nightmare realized. This server is 100% player killing where you will kill or be killed. If you can’t handle dying repeatedly look elsewhere. Death is set to no regeneration. This means you respawn immediately with new gear. Zero waiting time. It’s all good. Have fun.

This is a custom mini-game. Not exactly the full experience. No mining for example. Trade portals exist though and plenty of opportunities to stock up on building materials. Hunt, fish, kill players, gather and cook food. Buy and sell. Be challenged in a custom server.

A few basic rules.

  1. Do not help anyone through the maze. Do not talk about the maze. Do not ask or answer questions about the maze. I just banned a long time regular for doing this. It took me a week of drawing in graph paper to design this maze. Another painstaking few days to construct it block by block. Solve it on your own! No helping! This includes other player’s builds. No helping with puzzles. Anything else outside of this can be discussed and assisted.

  2. Do I really have to add this? NO BEGGING! No asking for help of any kind. Do not hand out jetpacks. With the system we have if you actually have more than one jetpack you are cheating! Jeez people…

  3. No pausing during battle. No hiding inside doors or trade portals. Cheaters will be removed. I am pretty trigger happy with the ban button. Mortals taste crunchy in milk.

  4. No spawn killing. Wait for people to enter the labyrinth before battle begins. Try and give them a chance. You’d want the same respect. After battle begins it’s ok to fight at spawn but you can’t start the fight there. Death means a new fight must be started outside of the spawn room. It is not a safe place to hide in during battle.

New aspect. Spawn is now a healing pool. Good luck killing anyone in there. Most broken rule fixed.

  1. No cursing :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: No bad attitudes. Name calling and bickering / arguing is also not allowed. We all need to be nicer to each other. It’s just a game. This also includes adult content or themes. No dating for example. Rule #5 encompasses all socially unacceptable behavior. Do not jeopardize our standing in this community.

  2. No complaining when you die. As I said you will die repeatedly. We do not tolerate whining in general about anything. Keep it to yourself.

  3. Asking for admin or moderator will get you banned immediately. Most people who do this ask within the first five minutes of logging on. Why would I give a random stranger this responsibility? The answer is no. My money my rules.

  4. No intentional player suicide. Don’t kill your character on purpose for profit. I have a log of all actions on this server in a private owner web page. Please play fair.

  5. Please upload an avatar / picture to your online Blockheads profile. This show you are committed to being part of our community and also hints at your personality. We want smart and creative people here. Are you an experienced Blockhead? Welcome.

:money_mouth_face: Everything you need to start is in your inventory. That is your starter! You must kill and gather for more money. Can you become King of the Hill? Once you find the base defend it with your life. The base is yours until someone kills you for it. Seek your revenge and take it back. Currently five hideouts to choose from. Teams can post up at each location.

Ideas and suggestions are welcomed. Dare I say encouraged?

One player called it “Maze and a murder”. Another said “Your server sucks. The maze is pointless”. Mixed reviews say you’ll either love this unique custom server or you’ll hate it. Are you smart enough? :brain:

Say sharks are food when you first log on. Read this entire page to answer your questions, learn about the server and see what is expected. Thank you.

-Freeway Killer

While playing on any server, please be courteous to other players, listen to mods and admins, and behave yourself. You may be muted or banned for any reason, and the in-game chat may be monitored.

Thank you for reading. :open_book:

The uttermost end.

Ultimate 1.7 Cloud & Mac Server List (Staying/Closing/Upcoming): Continually Updated
Building a Dungeon - Beggar's Tomb
Quickest way to get banned on my server. Ridiculous IGN

This is Brother Rabbit speaking, I rejoined the world. See you soon. :slight_smile:


Welcome back! Lots has changed since the update. Trade portals for example. Stocking shops was a pain. Hopefully we can get this server jumping again. One more month until many lukewarm servers go bye bye. I’m also trying to be nicer.

Let me know if you get stuck underground. Its closed off to the general public temporarily.

Edit: I would love to hear input on my server and welcome message. Content and wording suggestions welcome.


Solved the maze fairly quickly, may I ask what else I can do?


I’ll join when I am available today.


really slow clap :clap:t3::clap:t3::clap:t3: :unamused:


Rekt maze


Bravo! Seriously though, the maze isn’t supposed to be challenging. It’s just a brief obstacle to weed out apathy. It is also used as a battle arena. Later on I plan on building a massive maze from lava to space. Thank you for stopping by and I hope y’all stick around.

As for other stuff to do everything is fairly well described in the welcome message. If you stick around you will be allowed to build. I have trust issues as I’ve been bit by hackers and griefers before. One day I may add more admin.

We also have a few regulars who will be happy to kill you. Player killing is probably 70% of the game at this point. Try the shark jaw bounty. 10 copper coins per jaw equals 1 platinum coin per 1000 jaws. Our shark aquarium is stocked full of predators. Pro tip. Use gold bow to avoid damage.

I’m thrilled there is interest. I spent weeks building the frame for the spawn building. I built all of it myself.


Maze is legit just time-consuming after u finish for first time, just click, and afk for a few min.
Also who’s tryed Mazes in de dark


Thinking about turning teleport back on so peeps can telort to pole items. Way back when I put a portal at each directional pole. I just feel it isn’t very fair in a player kill.

Pretty good turnout so far from the message board. Suggestions and ideas welcome.


I love the game!!! :wink::smiley::grin::hugs::star_struck::yum::upside_down_face::shark:


Suggestion: underwater maze w sharks and random air holes


Freeway has put lots of time & effort into this world and it shows. Definitely worth checking out and exploring!!


I second what MFS said.


Sounds like a really creative server @FreewayKiller. Great Server Description.

I especially like:

I’m not a big PvP player, but I think I’m going to have to check this out at some point.


Freeway messaged me about reviewing the server, so here it is,

A world filled with fighting, collecting food, exploring, pain, frustration, death, success, maze/puzzle solving, killing, teaming up, stealing people’s loot when killing them, and trying to stay alive after dying again and again. A fun but also tough server.


We have planned areas like this. Hopefully someone climbs their way to the top and builds something similar. Thanks for the suggestion.

Also thank you so much for the reviews and kind words. There are some good people in this thread. Diamond teleportation is now on. Stop by and say hi. We need builders. I built all of that by myself. I’m gonna build a hotel for fun soon.

I should work on crafting benches first though so y’all can craft from the junk you pick up from dodos. Also cooking benches. So many ideas floating around in my cranium.

It’s pretty easy to avoid people once out of the maze. It’s not like maze runner and the maze is very doable in maybe twenty minutes if you try. It’s fun actually.

Most people rage quit and the simple maze weeds out people looking for freebies and instant gratification. The server is empty most of the time anyway. I bet most people could grind up a fortune and build a base untouched. You’ll eventually have to fight though.


Awesome server in general, but a quick heads up, don’t get mad if I try and kill you >:3


Thanks y’all. The reviews are helpful. Could you do me a favor though? Stop hiding in the trade portals to avoid battle damage. It’s annoying. Jobs are fine but seriously. What are you so afraid of? Death is instant and part of the game. :roll_eyes:

In other news teams are allowed but not required. A half dozen public bases have been set up if you feel like forming factions. Solo is ok as well but the server is set up for teaming. Just saying.

Still looking for ideas and suggestions. Not saying I will like your ideas bit I will listen to them. Thank you for participating.

Join the building competition and if you are really hurting for money I need help clearing stone. Shark jaws are currency too.

By the way, I don’t participate in player killing. Think of me as the janitor that cleans up the mess.


Death is set to no regeneration and you get new top shelf gear instantly at spawn. I have also turned teleporting on again. I set it up to be painless. Your fear is irrational.

The post I am reply to has been deleted but still relevant.