Beggar’s Tomb


I’m an irrational person whose heart still races when a cave troll is spotted, even when my Blockhead has infinite health enabled. If I could stop it, I would’ve a long time ago.
This looks like a neat server, but I’m not a fan of PVP. The description is nice and descriptive, for a lack of a better word. Looks like a lot of fun for people who enjoy PVP.


Don’t be skeered. I just bought a month of server credit on iTunes. Ground Control, we are a go.


Beggar’s Tomb has been hacked. Someone came on and changed all the signs to offensive words and removed some blocks. Thanks to @agentpinkdog for alerting me and taking pictures. The server is now closed until further notice.

I’ll email Milla for a roll back but who knows when it will happen. I’m still waiting over three months for a response to a report on another server I gave up on.


I thought you mailed Dave for the other server, and he doesn’t do rollbacks. Maybe I’m wrong though.


I e-mailed both of them. Dave responded right away. He couldn’t help that time. I received a support ticket for the other server three months ago. Milla never responded. Don’t hold your breath.


Since you’re a forum member, you’ll have better luck PMing her on the forum.


I get hacked on the same day I make my first server payment. Coincidence? I think not. These punks are petty.

If anyone knows who did the “hacking” please let me know.


Pming her by forums will get a faster response time, though it still might take a while because she’s undoubtably still sorting through the backup from the 1.7-explosion and her weeks off during surgery. If your server can be fixed, I recommend doing it yourself instead of via rollback.


Open for business with a roll back. I am trying to pinpoint an IP address in the logs to ban the perpetrators. Sorry for the inconvenience but you may have to grind up lost loot from the last couple of days. I have to recraft the electric benches myself.

Yes we are back. Stop by and kill someone or something. Why not both?


Woohoo! I reached the south pole as well.


Did someone need me?


Word. Each pole has been installed with a diamond portal and fully upgraded trade portal. Wait until you see the North Pole. It’s a fortress. Oh you’ve probably already seen it. I want to build a huge base at each pole.

Remember everyone. I set pole items to respawn every couple in game months. Collect them all. We need builders, explorers and serial killers. Ideas and suggestions.


If your name is all jumbled letters or all numbers I ban you instantly. If you can’t come up with an original or at least coherent name you get the boot. 86’d as it were. Also people who can’t be bothered to change your name from the device default. Anyone else feel me?


That’s a little unfair IMO. I know @GoodGradesBoy used to have an IGN that was a string of letters and people still saw who he was. Some people don’t feel like making an original name, others might want to be more unique in strangely made names like “EXQIORS” which is obviously not a word but it looks kind of cool. If it’s “FJWAOIAHDW” that’s still not fair to ban them. What if it just stuck with them when they made it? Your friends won’t necessarily know who you are after a name change. Sure, you could dislike these jumbled names but that doesn’t mean you should bring down the Ban Hammer :stuck_out_tongue: But your server your rules.


And some people don’t feel like dealing with unimaginative people with a lack of creativity. I for one do not see a mass of jumbled letters imaginative. EXQIORS would be an acceptable name. This isn’t what I am referring to.

Also there are times when I need to speak to people by name. 8675309 won’t do. What is unfair is people subjecting their refusal to be aware on others.


Couldn’t you just call them 867? Lack of imagination is not a fault. Some can’t change that, yeah?


Does it matter if people are imaginative? As long as the username does not contain profanity, what would be the problem with it?

Honestly most people go “proper” and create a username with words and numbers that make sense. However, if they use some random numbers and letters, it is more unique. Just thinking about this from another point of view.


It’s faster to use the ban button than to type out 867. I built that maze around spawn to eliminate people with low IQ and no determination. We want smart creative people to work their way up the building competition. 8675309 would be someone who would most likely rage quit. 80% of people do.


Then let them rage quit. Everyone should have a chance no matter their IQ or feelings toward your server. Why exclude people just because of a name? Who knows they may be a more intelligent person than you think.


On my server yes. We need architects.