Beggar’s Tomb


Right, but judging by username is like judging a book by it’s cover. If I changed my username to a bunch of jibberish, would it necessarily show the type of person I am?


If you changed your name to gibberish I would unfortunately have to 86 you. Now you know. My server staff agree. Basic requirements for participating on Beggar’s Tomb are a coherent name, appropriate avatar photo and a nineth grade education. Plenty of other servers to be apathetic on.


Just dropping it in here that a vast number of players and forums users are under that “age requirement” of a 9th grade education. That’s excluding a portion of the community “because they’re not smart enough”.


My personal opinion is that the Internet is not for children. That is a fault of the parents. Thankfully I came of age before the World Wide Web was introduced to the general population. Kids today are getting the brunt of this nasty world online. It is really tragic. Game apps are part of the Internet.

So yeah. If a person can be respectful by following the rules and they can communicate beyond a fifth grade reading level then we have no issues. Current age cut off for this game app is 12 which is eighth grade in most places. Just saying.


Some other servers have this rule too. I believe one of the reasons was because of easier to remember. Even though my old name could be put into a 3-letter nickname too, I considered changing it to show some of my personalities.

Often names with numbers at the end are allowed such as “Gold0789” or “Dragon93.”

Some people are just frustrated that they can’t find a name that they’d like. Another purpose is for those who just wanna play to game to ruin other player’s entertainment such as greifing & cyberbulling.

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Wow, just wow…


It’s smart thinking :smiley: Eh, Ronnie?


Smart people only on my server. Sorry if that is not politically correct. We have amassed a collection of brilliant regulars from this policy. Makes the game fun with minimal drama and rule violations.

btw it looks like Rabbit has officially entered the building competition. Anyone wanna compete? We need creative builders.


Let’s move the building competition discussion to my Beggar’s Tomb thread. There is a vetting process. Most people who start a build never return.


So, what if you were known as a smart person in the forums but your username was “THEQUALITYOFBSHAJ”?

I don’t support judging a book by its cover. Yes, I dislike it, but assuming that someone is going to be unintelligent is wrong.

This is how racism started, lets not start a war on BH usernames


Pick a coherent, intelligent user name or pick another server. Sorry not sorry. You also need a decent avatar.

Anyway, building competition under way. We are looking for builders that have skills to build new obstacles and areas in our spawn complex. Hopefully we won’t experience another roll back.

The current process is that you make like a hundred platinum coins to start and circumnavigate the server to find the perfect spot. Once that spot is chosen I place a 60x60 protection sign above ground and you build something incredible.

At this point you’ve become a regular. We then vote on your creation and it goes from there. This process may take months depending on participation. One loophole is that if I am thoroughly impressed with what you have done we may put you to work post haste.

Stop on by and grind yourself a fortune to start building. This is not your regular server. One reason for the vetting process is that some people start building and never return. We are trying to avoid that.
btw that stone castle to the left of spawn is not something we are looking for. Please see it as an example before you start building. No offense to the builder. He is a moderator. lol…

We may have to whitelist this server soon. If you want to be whitelisted please post here.


Guys, there’s no point in arguing over somebody else’s rules. It says right in the bottom of the welcome page that players may be banned for any reason if the admin sees fit, whether it be fair or not. As long as you comply, it won’t affect you.

Also, assuming someone is “intelligent” for completing a tiny maze is about as logical as assuming a straight-A student is stupid for doing bad on a crossword. It absolutely does not indicate IQ; it indicates patience and determination. I personally found your statements to be incredibly rude, but it is your server and you can run it how you want.


Derp, Milla merged a thread Freeway made about that rule, that is why the ethics were discussed.


Correct, he fully has the right to ban us if he chooses. However, I’d like to speak up for the people who don’t have forums accounts. Is it really right to judge a person by their username?


what if its their first time?


This amuses me. A person who suggested I was being racist here came to my server with a numeric user name just to seek negative attention. I didn’t comply. They were forced to rage quit after being upset I didn’t ban them. To me that signifies a level of intelligence.

As stated above follow the rules and no issues will occurre. I am hoping for a few regular users that are interested in a higher level of gaming. If that isn’t you then I’m sure you’ll find another server.

I spoke my mind. If you want drama free game play where everyone knows your name this is the place for you. If not oh well.

Exactly my point. A tiny maze that can can be completed in ten minutes. Twenty by most. Yet only 20% of people make an effort. The rest cry and beg. (Beggar’s Tomb)… Those people are not welcome. Sure makes for easy money for those who know what they are doing though.

Rant over.

Thanks for the input, y’all.


I just came to visit this server to see how it’s like, but I think there was something wrong in my IGN, so it didn’t end very well…


I completely agree with weeding out the lazy ones with a maze at spawn. And I have banned players for having meaningless names on servers where the rules clearly forbid it. It’s a disrespect of the server and it’s owner. Oh and btw, if I had a public server I’d instaban stupid names that bring in a sense of violence and aim at intimidating other players🙂
What left me speechless is the attitude displayed by a particular person during the whole thread (the second thread, the one that has been merged). But attitutes are not subject to discussion on this forums.


Is there a way to block particular users on the forums? I’ve already had to resort to IP banning certain forum users for spamming my server with negativity.


If you are trying to shame me for this, freeway, I’d first like to clarify. I did not “spam” your server with negativity, I barely said anything. I went in, made my point and you kept your word. Fair game.