Beggar’s Tomb


Names were not mentioned. I hope it was worth it. I know how much you enjoyed the server. Your point got you IP banned. Not a very strong point. Have fun finding a server that isn’t filled with moon craters from griefers.

Wasn’t sure who you were. Give me a minute.


I understand it did, although not strong, I did it anyway. I did enjoy your server, well put together. However, sometimes I need to put my own conscience before enjoyment. As for servers that aren’t filled with moon craters, I already have found one, Giants for example. Thank you for some memories of enjoyment, I wish your server well despite this. Goodbye, may we ever meet again.


LOL at having a conscience over jumbled user names.


why is the world lagging


Because there seems to be a lot of players who don’t like/understand why the idea of having a nonsensical name (with a bunch of random letters and numbers) would be against the rules, I’m going to explain why on one of my servers (as an example) it is prohibited. (I get players questioning me about that rule all the time).

First, it’s a rule (and if you don’t like it, then like any other rule, you don’t have to play there). Second, generally, I find that many hackers/griefers come on for a brief time and just type in names with that type of nonsense because it either is difficult to remember, difficult to reference, or just exerts the least amount of energy when creating a name that they will ditch as soon as they are done griefing the server. Much like when a person does not change their profile picture to a custom one (which is another rule I have), you get people who make minimal effort to create igns that are unremarkable… so that they can wreak havoc and have the best chance to get away with it.

And before everyone chimes in and says that “just because they have a name that makes no sense doesn’t mean they are all hackers or griefers or bad players, etc”, I want to say OF COURSE it doesn’t apply to everyone. No one is saying that it does. However, it does and has applied to some, and if an owner wants to create a rule that lessens the possibility of someone doing bad things on their server, GO FOR IT. After all, as I first stated, if it’s the owner’s rule, you need to abide by it. If you don’t want to, then choose another server. Very simple.


so there world is lagging because there seems to be a lot of players who don’t like/understand why the idea of having a nonsensical name?


The server has been lagging for me today too. Just since I started this user name discussion a couple hours ago in fact. People are being salty.

btw Thu Thu makes an excellent point and her reasoning is also mine partly. I’ve seen YouTube videos of people claiming you can hack with numeric user names. I didn’t mention this before and I apologize for that.

Hackers and spammers not allowed. Now can y’all stop logging in just to get banned? It’s tedious.


I feel like I need to reiterate the fact that if you don’t like the way a world is run you don’t have to join. It’s up to the owner, and isn’t up for debate, unless it in some way breaches our rules, in which case you report it to me.


I feel bad for copping an attitude about this but people were taking it off the forums. I’ll probably unban a few of ya eventually. I’m just protecting my server that I pay real money for.

Rabbit is starting his build. Y’all should join him.


I may have time to build something there, does it matter if it’s either pixel art or a structure…?


I can see where you’re coming from with this rule, and I don’t disagree. I myself don’t really like people coming with random number and letters on a server because it is hard to reference them. Maybe though, you could try rephrasing your posts, because some people might find them rude.

I personally haven’t joined this server. Is the IGN RAY2359 fine? I would like to join your server and check it out sometime~ :slight_smile:


I lived in NYC for over a decade. I can be blunt to say the least. It’s part of surviving a city that size. I stand by my “rude” words though. Your username is fine.

The building competition is to see how good you are at building areas. Obstacles. Fighting arenas. You can add art but make it functional. If you do good you can build more.


not me okay

Anyways, your server seems nice disregarding some rules I don’t completely agree with.


Shark jaws now worth 20 copper coins. 2 platinum per 1000. I think that is fair. Also tool decay has been set to slow once again. Gold bows last longer.


Is my name okay?


@WumboJumbo, is your name



Just built a subway tunnel from the Eastern cactus garden going under the mountains. I have to build the ocean tunnel lower. Tracks need to be added but it’s still walkable. This train system will eventually lead to the North Pole. At this point it just saves you a mountainous hike.


It’s Wumbo Jumbo


Insert Shakespeare reference here. Are we still talking about names? I laid the train tracks and will start on the lower ocean tunnel today. Huge project. Stop on by and bring a handcart.


I understand the rule about the usernames. Like, if they’re not gonna put in the effort to make a decent username, then they most likely won’t put the effort in to get by the maze.