Beggar’s Tomb


Word up to the regulars. The ocean tunnel is now finished. Need to get to the North Pole in a hurry? Need the boots of speed? This trans bay subway tunnel is just the solution. Just have to lay the tracks for handcarts. Come check it out!


Taking a break from the forums for a bit. Focusing more on this server. The participation has been been high but no one is building anything. A few of the regulars have vanished. It’s a unique server idea. A mini game I put a lot of thought into. I hope it takes off one day. We are ten days away from the three month mark of 1.7 update. I hope this makes servers like mine get more traffic. Thanks y’all and don’t forget to add a server review here. Stop on by and say hello. You can always PM me here if I’m not on the server.

I have extended the subway tunnel closer to the spawn complex. The closest entrance is now below the Western coffee cherry trees. For anyone who has worries about access to free food there are hundreds of fruit trees and plants to harvest in compost. Thank you.


P.S. It’s for real this time. This community is not for me. Being aware and compassionate is a foreign concept here. I’m leaving for good. If you ever need me Beggar’s Tomb is always open. Peace.


So sad to hear you leaving :frowning:


Me too, but being corrected over a suicide prevention hotline number was beyond the pale. It was a toll free number and the topic was about someone dying. Duh. Obviously not personal information.

Especially after the long discussion about we had about moderation and who should do it. The rules have changed. Respect it. I’m out…

I’m gonna edit the original post on this thread to highlight an old rule that was never listed and then I’m going into lurker mode. Thanks for your support.


We weren’t correcting you or shaming you for that number.

We were scared for you. We thought that would be your phone number.

We didn’t want you sharing info, and we only reacted because of that.

I do agree we may have been to harsh about it. But come in, don’t leave because of the actions of 1-2 members out of what? ~50 active users?

You’ve been a great member to this community. I don’t wanna see you leave! :cry:

(about the moderation thing I agree we gotta accept the rules. it got too violent for some reason though…)


I own an 800 toll free number? Am I rich? Why would I ask you to call me? A little common sense please!


Well sometimes we forget common sense, or not know that 800 was a toll free, like me.

Anyways, the point is that it passed, and not to be affected by something someone said. This is the internet, don’t forget.

Anyways, I hope you’ll stay! :slight_smile:

If not then I guess I’ll see you one day…hopefully… :frowning:


Google is your friend.


Not everyone would spend time googling and add to the risk of you getting in danger (assuming that’s your number).

This is getting out of hand. Let’s discuss this in a PM.

Anyways, I’ll join your server one day when I have time! It seems really fun! :slight_smile:


Using a search engine is part of proper moderation. If you insist on picking at every single post then at least do some research first. The combination of my anger over losing a great man and being yelled at in my memorial thread over a hotline number is the end for me. I do not care if you think it’s absurd! Now stop private messaging me.


What do you mean by moderation? The only moderators here are milla and Asyc.


Ok new rule. I edited the welcome message to highlight a rule that was never listed but seems pretty straightforward to me.

  1. Do not help anyone through the maze. I just banned a long time regular for doing this. It took me a week of drawing in graph paper to design this maze. Another painstaking few days to construct it block by block. Solve it on your own! No helping! Once outside the maze tips are welcome.


A little courtesy please. This kind of dialogue is not acceptable here.


This is the exact type of server I like, too bad I can’t play on cloud worlds ;-;


I am very busy this Summer working on the road. I added a couple more moderators and they are very interested in the building competition. One says she has an idea for an obstacle course with aggressive mobs. I’ll add more credit later this week. If any of you could float this months $3 tab I would really appreciate it. If not whatever. I’ll add more soon. Stop on by, we are still running strong.


I joined a few days ago, the server is pretty entertaining for someone who doesn’t take particular interest in survival or PvP servers. Trying to kill people is a bit tiring because of the carbon fiber armor and whatnot, but I like massacring the mobs… >:] I like the server, keep up the good work.


This is something I’ve been tweaking since the server opened last November. We started out with tin armor and moved up to iron, and then ice to carbon fiber. We started out with a bronze sword and now use iron. I’m open for suggestions on the armor, weapon combo. I do supply a golden bow for shark hunting. Pretty good spawn starter setup I think. I’m just thinking the current setup makes battle interesting. Plus I shut off tool decay. Suggestions welcome.

Now on to more frustrating matters. While I was away dancing to music and vending food at Red Rocks this weekend certain people have been handing out jet packs and escourting folks through the maze. I had to use the ‘Find on this Page’ feature on my mobile browser to find the culprits in my logs. Banned ten users. Stop cheating, people. I think a hacker was duping.

Do not help people! Another rule I must add. Jeez…

btw killing people is completely optional. One reason why I added a shark jaw bounty.


May you please define the smart personality you are looking for? I may be dumb at math so I may as well just be banned.


People who can use their brains and make it out of a small maze. It takes minimal effort and an understanding that dead ends are a good thing. Ten to twenty minutes max.

People who can follow simple rules and play fair. People who have building skills. You should be fine.

Ok just added a common sense addition to rule #1. :roll_eyes:

Do I really have to add this? NO BEGGING! No asking for help of any kind. Do not hand out jetpacks. With the system we have if you actually have more than one jetpack you are cheating! Jeez people…


Ha. That kind of bugged me. Sorry. What I’m getting at here is the mini game is fun. We have set up a unique system of playing that rewards regular users. As I say player killing is something you will encounter if only at first. Unless you want to continue. Once out in the world you will be free to avoid such conflict. You’ll figure it out. Normal sized server. Warm.

Don’t expect to earn a jetpack in your first weekend though. We do not even mine unless you have already established property and received a job. Keep coming back and participating. You may become a dragon slayer. Or a master builder that creates a torture dungeon. You decide.

Just officially added the requirements to become a builder admin with building permissions. Also the basics of buying property.

Hi there! Read this entire welcome message to answer your questions. I will be building another underwater tunnel to the left of spawn central. Enter the building competition to help if you so desire. These are the steps you need to become a builder on this server. Take notes if you need to.

Circumnavigate the entire server. Pole items re-spawn so I need you to collect all four pole items. There is a ladder to the top at every directional pole. I have also added a diamond portal and a fully upgraded trade portal at each pole. Feel free to teleport around once you uncover that part of the map.

So once you have circled the globe / server and have all four pole items we need you to amass a fortune. At least one stack of platinum coins. 99 platinum coins. You then scroll through the map you just uncovered and choose a piece of property. Show me where you want to build and I will place a 60x60 golden permission sign that will allow you to build on this admin protected server. Mission accomplished. If you need more room let me know.

From there we vote on your building skills to select builder admin. Those builder admin will then construct huge obstacles for players to roam though and maybe survive. Do you have what it takes? This is the time consuming process to become a regular here and contribute. It is non negotiable. That is how you gain my trust if you want it. Join us!

So now on with the show…


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