Being Able to Hide the Insides of a Building


I think there should be some kind of workbench which can allow players to hide certain parts of their building or house. I’ve never done any pixel art but I think this will benefit those who do pixel art a lot, this will allow them to place work benches and any other things inside their art without destroying its look.

It works by covering the building with a “front wall” (like the back walls we have when we place blocks), corresponding to the blocks used in the build. The workbenches effect can be turned off and the “front wall” it creates can be coloured and replaced with other blocks. The player can see the insides of the building once their inside.




Will it hide name tags? How about admins?


I need this in mah life


This feature seems pretty useful as it could hide private areas in a server.


That would make buildings look sooo much better.


I guess we can do that as part of its feature, it would be quite weird if we can see name tags but not the Blockhead :stuck_out_tongue:. Maybe allowing admins and the owner be able to look through buildings through some sort of prompt or toggle.


Have you ever tried iron blocks with iron backwall, painted black? Then use a mirror to adjust your BH skin color and clothing to all black. And if you place any paintable objects and paint them black… well that’s about as hidden as you can get! Try it. :+1:


I think it would make an interesting optical effect, but is modifying the front wall separate from when you modify the back wall or is it like a mirror of the back wall that covered up the building when that bench is turned on?

And if separate, what is the mechanics of modifying the front wall?




The light skinned blonde girl with white clothes is pretty invisible with certain sun settings.


Everything can be invisible with certain sun settings, it’s worth a whole series of headaches.


Modifying the front wall is separate, modifying the front wall will not effect the back wall it was copying previously.

The mechanics of modifying the wall will simply be a prompt that you can access in the bench which will put you in edit mode. During this edit mode you can access your tools and blocks. Just to make things simple you don’t need a block for each front wall you are going to replace, you only need one block to do the rest. My idea is that the front wall is like a “hologram” of sorts.

If you are replacing the back wall and want the front wall to correspond to it, there will be a “Reset Wall” button which will basically just follow the new changes. My original idea was that it was going to be like an extra layer of blocks but it would look out place for the current iteration of Blockheads so I scrapped that idea.