Being able to set admin, mod and not-admin/mod people's permissions

This is just a simple ones, there needs to be a setting in the worlds owner portal to set the permissions of admins, mods and for people who are not admin/mod.

You would find this in settings on the owner portal under command permissions, from there you would be able to set the permission commands or all except the owner and the blockheads team.

You would also have access to full world vision, can remove other players stuff, etc.


Could you elaborate?

It’d be nice if you could elaborate.

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I believe the general idea is giving specific perks of an admin/mod without giving the whole title, such as admin vision.


Ah. Like a permissions system?

I believe so. That, or adding and removing grantable permissions. Seems to be a little bit of both.


By me :slight_smile: . But we’re getting off-topic.

Seems like a great idea!

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