Being able to turn off climbing/falling in custom rules


Think for a more challenging game like the title says you should be able to turn off climbing, or falling in custom rules so you can not do either of those things.


Will you still be able to climb ladders,


Or ride elevators?


If falling was disabled…

sees blockhead destroy the block it’s standing on
:musical_note: “I can show you the worrrllllld… shining, shimmering splendiiiiid” :musical_note:


Im not sure about being in custom rules, but maybe for expert mode if that isn’t hard enough already…


I agree. Using the d-pad to fall really broke some of my adventure challenges.


Yknow, changing from one block to a higher one counts as climbing, so, basically you will only be able to stay on flat ground. (The level of spawn)


One block elevation change may be walked. it takes a two block change to force a climb.


I’m not sure about disabling every instance of climbing or falling, maybe just disable anyone’s (or players/staff/admins) use of the d-pad.


I like @bilingual’s idea.