Being banned for speaking korean


So I went on three different blockheads server and pretend to be korean and speak korean I know a small amount of korean and I am learning it so I used this phrase 1. (1)HYEONU: annyeonghaseyo. jeo-neun seonhyeonu-imnida. cheoeum boepgessseumnida. Meaning hello I’m aj nice to meet you annyeonghaseyo can mean bye in some cases so I went on some servers I didn’t care for getting banned on I got banned on 3 servers for speaking korean witch is quite rude if they don’t know it’s not a korean server speak before banning them if then they realize it’s not korean they’ll most likely leave I did this as a social experiment and I think that’s some pretty interesting results do you think it’s wrong to ban someone for speaking a different language


Basically I think an owner has every right to ban whoever he wants to ban. For whatever reason.
Players who do not understand english (or whatever the server language is) and can’t read the rules are a problem on a server. How can you expect them to follow your rules?
I have seen a lot of foreign players who will try to explain their situation with at least some words of english they know. So you can at least talk to them and maybe try to explain the rules. But what do you do with somebody who only speaks in a language you never heard and know nothing about? You don’t even know if they are greeting you or insulting you.
So I can kinda understand when staff decides it’s not the right player for their server.


Well for me I have to use google translate to understand but sometimes it’s not the most accurate so it could say they said a cuss word but idk if they really did because I don’t know the language so In some cases it’s ok but normally I don’t


That’s true but it doesn’t put my point through of speaking
Korean thinking it was a korean server and banning them without saying anything

Yes but that’s why you should talk or kick before a instant ban


Most likely they assumed you were spamming chat they probably didn’t know it was another language.


I can see that


Most players will likely ban a person who speaks another language because it can easily be profanity. How would they know?

Why would you take the time to use google translate when you want to play blockheads?


Yes but when in someone who just joined. And is speaking a different language you should at least say something


I normally use google translate to attempt to talk to them


It really is up to the world owner and their staff. It might not be friendly, but it’s not something we aren’t going to forbid.


Well that sucks…


People make a rule like this (even harsher because they wanted to ban it even with the translated form written alongside the foreign language), because an amount of players are either having grammar/spelling problems in English, or even speak another language like Arabic, Spanish, French, Chinese or whatever (and you know what, there are a very, very few people from North and South Korea that play the Blockheads).


I doubt any from North Korea because of how strict it is there but maybe some from south