Being Banned without doing anything

Hello, I would like some help. I was just banned without me doing anything in the server world:

Winter Point
[Edit: owner named removed due to the no-naming guideline]

I couldn’t find him [ owner] here in a previous search so I’m starting this thread.

There is a mod there who’s name begins with:
[Edit: partial unknown name of mod in question removed] I can’t recall what comes after the dash. Sorry. She said she’s from [Edit: some country] . She had helped me protect the area around my cabin a few weeks ago. No problem. Winter Point is always being griefed (?). I think that’s what you call it. Or hacked, I don’t know the difference. I’ve only been playing for almost a year. Yes, I’m new. Random players have been destroying buildings and flooding spawn with water.

Today, [Edit: partial unknown name of mod in question removed] came in and noticed the welcome message was missing. It has been missing for a week. I thought the admin or mods erased it. All of sudden, within a few seconds of logging in she starts accusing me of erasing it. Just because I’m the only one there? I didn’t do it. I don’t know how to hack.

I hope she doesn’t erase the logs so you can see how she just jumps to accusing me.

I hope someone can help undo the ban. Is there a log of my actions? Hopefully it can be seen that I’m a normal player.

I’d appreciate any help.
Thank you

Note: post edited to remove player names

Chances are this is a matter you’d take up with the owner. In technicality, server owners may ban you for any reason they want. Since this was a mod and not the server head, finding some way to contact them is your best bet.

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I know. Unfortunately the owner, jobb123456778, isn’t listed here. And the discord link didn’t work (it expired?) Of course, since the welcome message with the discord link has been erased I can’t even retry that.

I’ve only seen jobb123456789 once in the last three months. And I play in Winter Point a lot.

Ugh. This is sad. Just sad.

Thank you for replying. I appreciate it. Here’s hoping someone someone comes along with more suggestions.

Sigh. All those hours building. And to think I’m the one who just repaired the flooded trash chute and the griefed hotel. The irony is thick.

Time to let go, then. I’m just going to try to choose safer servers.

You could always ask someone else to go onto that server to see if there is a different staff member they can talk to and get things fixed… I sure someone would be willing to do that for you.

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I’ll keep that in mind in case I see some fellow Winter Point players on other servers. It’s a bit unlikely since there hasn’t been any other mod or admin other than [Edit: partial unknown name of mod in question removed] (the one I’m contesting) in the last 3 months or so.

But I can hope. We shall see. Crossing my fingers.

Note: edited to remove names

It might also be worth sending in a random forum member to relay information from this topic to “SWS-???” person.

This kind of situation is why I tend to prefer forums based servers as communication outside the game is much easier.

But yeah, certainly sucks that that had to happen to you, may you find greener pastures ahead!

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Yes, lesson learned. Here’s to much greener pastures! :blush:

I don’t think anybody here has the ability to address that, but there used to be a group that existed to help people like you. That was years ago though.

Considering how the owner has mostly abandoned his server, I personally think your time would be better spent on a server that’s actually well-maintained by its owner. There are a variety of great servers to pick from in the #multiplayer category. :slight_smile:

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Thanks, WumboJumbo, I’ll keep that Emissary link bookmarked.

I’ve come to agree with you and the other more experienced players here that it’s much better to play in a well maintained world. I’ve got one so far. I’m looking at a few others to see if I like their challenges/ setup. So glad that the forum is here for that. There’s more information here compared to just looking at a list of servers. :slightly_smiling_face:

You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

I once got banned from server because they were mean

What’s going on with all the flagging? Did I do something wrong? Did we all do something wrong? Is this normal?

Edit: I have reviewed the guidelines and will remove the PARTIAL name of the person I’m contesting. I am still discussing my ban because as per the guidelines that IS my business and I had hoped to get advice and illumination about it— which I thankfully have. Even though it remains unresolved and will likely remain so. Thank you to all who have given comments, advice and background information. It helps keep this game good to play despite setbacks.

Some of my replies were flagged too. I’m not sure what’s going on. This has happened before.

a while ago, there was an incident where a random user would flag every post they saw, and we didn’t find out about it for a while

I find it very amusing that this got flagged somehow lol

We better not be doing another flag-demic tho, the first one was a headache for everyone involved.

Flag-demic :joy: good name

Scary it is

flag demons, you say?

What are flag demons?