Best blockhead meme wins


There aren’t many blockhead memes, so I thought maybe we could make some. It’ll be a fun and good experience for meme making :slight_smile:


Oh noh! I forgot to pick up my bed after I slept in it on my mining journey!

Real-life person: wat


That moment when your blockhead dies above a pool of magma.


I think about it, the moment you erawse something historic in your own world.


That moment when you’re building an impressive sculpture, then the game crashes, and everything you built is gone and it makes you wanna SCREAM YOUR LUNGS OUT AND DESTROY EVERYTHING THATS IN YOUR PATH!!!


When a server has an unqualified owner (no offense to anybody :stuck_out_tongue: )




Hey majacdaiv, can I have teepee safcs? I nead som, so I can hav unlimited teepees…

long fart




Wow! I can see the north pole while standing at the south pole!

Real-Life person: wat


Person: Meep, what to do…
blockhead dies in one hit…
Person: HACKER!!!

(Custom settings: one hit kill)