Best way to get diamonds in vanilla expert mode?

So please tell me what is the best way to get diamonds in expert mode? It seems pretty impossible to get TEN of them. Without having to spend them on something else.

Have you tried going deeper?

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There’s always dodo breeding, that would take some time but once you get the diamond dodos 10 diamonds shouldn’t be too hard to obtain

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Gold pickaxe, trade portal, sluice, dodo farm, meditation, cave mining,

There is no meditation in Expert mode.

If you are lucky enough to find a diamond gem tree on a sky island (by using ladders to explore the sky), then place a portal near it, it will continue to produce diamonds at a reasonable rate.

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You cant enable and disable it in a Expert / Custom mix world ?

I’m with asyc and foil you can use golden pickaxe and shovel to find some good quality stuff randomly and by asyc says its good to find gem tree because they actually not rare much I don’t say its easy to find its kinda rare to me for sure but exploring in sky with expert mode giving you more challenges so good luck tho what steps you will do to find diamond!

Yes @el.spirita you can just use the custom to enabled it in expert mode BUT what will be the challenge? If you can meditate like in normal mode only hard is crafting? No right so it’s good to explore first and having a hard work to discovered things too to be unlocked and as this thread title “in vanilla expert mode?”

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It isnt the same , I know . I myself was curious .

Then you should answer what can be exist in this question. So you can help the OP

I also misread the title . I looked at it that it just said “ expert “ mode , not “ vanilla expert “ mode . Whoops . :joy:

But yeah , gold pickaxe , but not a large number of them .

It’s okay :lol: no body perfect everyone can be made mistake!

Especially on the web . :upside_down_face:

Ill also explain the reasoning for the fact I said “ not too many gold pickaxes at one time “ . It wouldnt make much sense to have like 20 and get just two and thats all you need , and then you only get Emeralds or Sapphires etc for the rest of the time .

Id say make one at a time , and keep sticks and a Lvl 6+ Tool Bench with you , or if trade portals are at all enabled , that so as Lvl 5+ .

As I said explore for… and hard work because at the end successful is always waiting :wink: but then I would like to explore first as asyc says and to find large veins with beautiful ores to mine and for the unlimited stacks of Gem tree but do not forget don’t dare to cut it even just a trump to leave nothing will happened the tree will just die forever.

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Only problem is diamond gem trees are hard to find . Id assume harder in expert worlds ? Even then youd need to be extremely experienced in that world , needing a jetpack .

Unless you choose to use thousand , and at some point millions of blocks to go up in the sky . :joy:

Sorry late response no need for million blocks to explore or go on the sky you just need to make little pine tree farm then when they grow up just break it using pickaxe and leave the trump then make a ladders! Tip is crop the pine in compost so they could grow fast and with some torches or with sun even cold temprature can! Its best for tree to grow faster!

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Its okay .

Exactly . :joy:

Youre raising valid points , I know . There is the problem of finding one even then . The best way is gold pickaxes in my view . However , if you somehow do find one … then yeah , thats your new best way .

You can always go the dodo route. Breed your dodos to the diamond level to get enough diamond shards to create enough diamonds to fully upgrade everything. You will have to get a few diamonds by other methods to be able to press them into diamonds.


Just a couple of points to add to the very good replies, in case anyone is still looking for diamonds in expert mode. I am! Not a single diamond yet!

You cannot make a gold pickaxe or spade until you have found at least one diamond, as you need a diamond to upgrade the tool bench to gold level.

You cannot make diamonds from shards dropped from diamond dodos without upgrading the press to do this and you need one diamond to do it (and all the other gems for all the previous gem upgrades). To reach the egg eggstractor it looks like you need 2 diamonds for workbench upgrades (as well as plenty of other gems for previous upgrades).

The first diamond I find will be used to upgrade the toolbench. I think gold tools will be my best chance of getting more gems. I’ve only just reached ruby level with my dodos anyway and they are breeding extremely slowly.

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