Best ways to grow plants?


Question, which is more efficient? grow plants(any plantable material) in an open space or in a tightly locked space.
I can’t decide but here are some conditions:

  • all plantable materials should be included
  • need 2 sets of Pine, apple trees, kelp and cacti (the first set is for harvest only the other is for the animal raising)

Edit: I can’t decide because both have interesting advantage and dis advantage

A ridiculously efficient greenhouse design

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In an open space.


If you’re aiming for less space and more harvest, using trees specifically, then I recommend the use of compost. I personally leave 7 blocks of space per tree so I can be compost cheap, and 9-10 blocks of height with windows. For pines, you may want more space per tree, but otherwise that’s how I do it. One moment while I get a picture of an example.

That’s a crude one i have in a single player world of mine, use that as a reference if you want.

Edit: Just a note, this is a space conservative way to do it, so i’d do this in close packed cities, otherwise single player worlds are much better.


Yeah, specially because they grow bigger that way.