Beware the s mobs

Just wondering…what is your guys least favorite type of mob? Also, what is the mob that you would call the most dangerous. For me it a tie between sharks and scorpions, the sharks with great damage per strike, and scorpions Impossible to heal fast enough when facing a group.


Well for me, drop bears give me quite the scare. In my opinion scorpions are probably the most dangerous.:scorpion:


Scorpions are the dangerous ones for me because they like to gang up and shoot ye. And most annoying are drop bears.



Mainly afraid of their constant color changes


There not the most dangerous mob, but every time I see a cave troll I still kinda jump inside😑(they are my favorite though).


I’d say sharks in swarms.
Scorpions give less hugs depending on time of day. But sharks give hugs day or night.

Most difficult mobs though… are a bunch of new players asking for starter kits at the same time. Scary. :wink:


“S-mobs” meant the Shark and Scorpion types of enemies (both are very dangerous, just below the infamous Cave Troll).
Scorpions can fire Poison at you, with no way of avoiding it, while Sharks hurt you greatly, have more health, don’t use poison and drop meat.


Thank you. I thought it was just a random typo


Scorpions are my #1 enemy.

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You can avoid shark damage by riding in a boat.

The only way to avoid scorpion damage is staying far, far away.

For that reason, I consider scorpions most dangerous and least favorite.


That’s some hard logic there Detective, scorpions can be avoided however by digging a tunnel underneath them


I agree.
Sharks - at least you know when they will appear. When you are in an ocean. You can be cautious and take whatever protective action suits you best.
Scorpions though - they kill you before you even know they are there. I hate flying through the sky and being attacked from a sky island that you haven’t even seen yet in the black fog.

(I often erase all scorpions and cacti during my first circumnavigation of a SP world. Only to find out later I need 5 prickly pears to spawn in a 3rd or 4th BH😫)


Well, that too. :joy:

Best defense against scorpions… 2 doors. I’ve never had an issue. Then again, I am the Scorpion whisperer. :wink:

likes scorpions —> @Caronhere

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You found a way to hold doors as a shield when flying with a jetpack??? :grinning:

You didn’t mention flying. Fly higher. You could also fly OVER an ocean and not have an issue with sharks. Problem solved. :wink:

I did mention it as my main issue with scorpions. :arrow_up:

You need to toughen up, Ronnie. What are a few love bites after all? There are rarely more than 2-4 scorpions on randomly generated sky islands. They are just waking you up from snoozing on auto pilot.

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Obviously you do not play on one-hit-kill worlds :slightly_smiling_face: