BH Comic/Graphic Novel Project


Heya guys I am going to try and do some graphic novels/comic books that are Blockheads themed. What I need is some of the super creative authors in the community to collaborate on some stories.

I am looking for some short stories that can happen in the BH verse. They would be credited of course by the Author and I would be working on the graphics. They can be any genre.

I was thinking this may be fun for servers to have their own adventures and these would be for the Blockheads community to enjoy and share.

Please only comment and contribute genuinely serious and well thought out stories. Should you prefer to talk over PM then you are welcome to contact me. I will be only working on stories that interest me.


I’ve always thought funny thoughts about how blockheads carry a lot of baskets literally all the time. Imagine walking around with seven-or-so baskets with stuff in them.

Maybe a short comic on how two blockheads can swordfight with all those baskets on them?


What would happen when a blockadoodle realizes that once they get to the end of the world and they realize that it just goes in a loop, stuck forever in this never ending space and never being able to escape this world of endlessness


Sounds like a good idea to me. have a garaphics novel game engine,hope that helps!


Try being a cartoonist and just make comic strips


A blockhead tries using a portal, but keeps teleporting to the wrong spot, and is running out of tc
and has no way of getting more, suspense