BH Experimental Results


Note: While this is BH, there is no thread specifically for both pictures and research/text related to this, at least in my interpretation.

This thread will consist mainly of text, but I will have pictures of the experiment.

I saw a dungeon thread not so long ago and thought trying to create certain things would be neat, so I did. I will continuously update this thread with new experiments.

Experiment 1: Cryogenic Freezing of Blockheads.

We’ve all see a fish in BH frozen in an ocean, so I thought why don’t I see if I can do the same?

Hypothesis: When a blockhead is frozen, it will not be able to move, break, or perform actions.

After a few experiments, with the pictures shown here.

After doing this, I found out just how it works.

-Blockheads may do anything they normally can, counting moving out of ice and breaking the ice. They can’t move back into ice after leaving it however.

To elaborate, it’s essentially a normal containment/prison cell but with ice to make it look cool.

(More coming later, stay tuned folks.)


This thread would fit into the general discussion category. Cool experiments! A nice effect for a dungeon.


Moved. Nice research and experiments!


I know this thread is old, but I need someone willing to give me honest data on getting their BH killed. I need to do an experiment, so send me a message if you’re in. If you’re willing to help, we can set up a time that’s good for you.

The whole purpose of the experiment is to set up a universal measure of health/damage, so we can all communicate damage more clearly instead of using vague metrics.