BH Science: Falling

One of the quickest ways to travel vertically is to fall. Before you have the 500-900 elevators required to go from a house on the surface down to the mines, climbing down a ladder takes a long time, and when you only have 11 minutes of energy (assuming a soft bed), wasting a lot of time climbing isn’t ideal. So… falling! But how far can we fall?

Clothes Blocks to death
None 22
Full linen 23
Full leather 24
Full fur 23

This is pretty good evidence that clothes provide some protection against fall damage… but what about armor? Well, it turns out armor is ridiculously overpowered. With any piece of armor (even tin!) you will not die even if you fall from space all the way down to lava. You don’t even need to wear a full set of armor. Depending on how much armor you wear, you will take less damage. Jetpacks act like armor. If you run out of fuel, you might see a death bar, but you won’t die even if you fall from space to lava if you have full health at the start.

… but “not dying” isn’t always enough. On a one hit kill world you need to take 0 damage, not just nonlethal damage with normal health. As it turns out, there are a few ways to avoid taking damage when falling.

  1. Hold down on the D-pad - this works, but can cause issues since it might disappear if you run into a lag wall. Plus, you can’t switch to another blockhead while falling or you will really start to fall.
  2. Place water - A single block of water below the blockhead will make them dive just before landing, and they will take no damage, just make sure it doesn’t freeze if you are in a cold climate!
  3. Place a wall next to where they will land - This isn’t nearly as good as water. If you have been falling for 400 blocks, it requires ~50 blocks in a row to save the blockhead, and I suspect (haven’t been able to confirm) that this is related to lag. How far you fall changes how many blocks you need to stop.
  4. Place ladders/elevators under the blockhead - Like a wall next to your blockhead, this is unreliable. It seems that placing ladders at a chunk boundary makes it possible for a blockhead to grab them, so if you want to be safe you need at least 33 ladders. (Chunk size + 1)
  5. Grow a tree under the blockhead - It turns out that even though Blockheads can climb on trees, they aren’t very good at catching them when falling fast. Once falling fast enough blockheads cannot catch tree branches.

A few stats for those interested:

  • Deaths while testing - 6… RIP Gabriella
  • Falls from space - 35
  • Pizza eaten to recover health >100
  • Time spent - Way longer than expected

Advent Calendar Day 17


Out of curiosity, why did you specifically chose pizza?

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If I remember correctly, pizza seems to have the greatest effect of all foods in the game.


Cost effectiveness wise. I think cupcakes help more, but are pretty expensive. But I could be wrong.


‘Cause pizza is epic my man

This is going to help, thank you! Thinks back to the time I jumped off Blank’s glass tower, fell three floors, and died instantly

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So… tin armor pants in an expert world… splat :slightly_frowning_face: I added a chest plate. Still splat. :frowning_face:
I will try an iron armour upgrade soon.:crossed_fingers:

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