BH Science: Travel Speeds

When playing in a server with other people, if you ever want to get together to do something, you’ll have to travel to their house… So, barring teleportation, how long will it take you to get there?

To answer this question, I did three tests, one on perfectly flat terrain, one where the terrain went up by one block in height per block horizontally, and one where the terrain went up by two blocks per horizontal block. I didn’t test vertical distances (elevators are the best, but expensive), or steeper slopes. I also dropped the test for handcarts on the sloped terrain since to manage that terrain they need to go back and forth for the speed to jump upwards, and determining the best way to do that is the matter of at least a few more hours of investigation that I don’t have time for tonight.

Without further ado, here are the results! Each test was done over 100 blocks to minimize inconsistencies with jumping for donkeys / unicorns. All times are in seconds.

Flat Terrain

Method Time Blocks Per Second
Handcart 7 14.29
Rainbow Unicorn 11 9.09
Speed boots 14 7.14
Jetpack 15 6.66
Donkey 17 5.88
Walking 23 4.35

Slope of 1

Method Time Blocks Per Second
Rainbow Unicorn 13 7.69
Speed boots 22 4.55
Jetpack 22 4.55
Walking 35 2.86
Donkey 44 2.27

Slope of 2

Method Time Blocks Per Second
Rainbow Unicorn 20 5.00
Donkey 33 3.03
Jetpack 37 2.70
Speed boots 172 0.58
Walking 182 0.55

Something to note about the last test, I did the trial for the rainbow unicorn several times. The first couple times I didn’t jump frequently enough (either due to an old laggy device or something else, I’m not sure, I was constantly trying to jump and got hung up on the blocks.) This led to a time of 41 seconds, much worse than the recorded 20 seconds. It might be possible to do even better with either the donkey or the unicorn on the slopes, but I was too laggy to improve further.

Advent Calendar Day 21


Are you able to try with a newer device?


I was literally about to make a thread about this! You idea stealer :angry:

Just as a note: I will not read any text in this topic as I do not want spoilers for the reasearch that i will make, i’m SURE @Bibliophile has acurate information, but I I’ll try to make new reaserch with even more acurate reaserhc :wink: :wink: