BH stories


This is simple we tell everyone some experiences we had while playing on Blockheads

My story: I was on a server with my, we were the only ones there and we had a secure shelter. I was standing right under a shelf and beside a chest, so when she went to get something her hand slipped and she punched me #Oops!


I was building a nice city in the sky on a server once. The server owner decided to build a handcar space jump next to it (I had no objections) and I was offered to test it. I went zooming off the ramp into space, expecting to return to the surface safely without any issues, but no, my blockhead was frozen. Frozen in space above my own city, above the max build limit. My blockhead was stuck there for what seemed like years while the server owner desperately suggested ways to unfreeze him, but none of them worked. The blockhead consumed many stacks of mangoes trying to stay alive in the vacuum of space but the lack of oxygen was too much for him. He died that day and ever since then, the owner of that server has been haunted by the constant feeling of guilt that follows him everywhere he goes.

July 7, 2014


Yikes what a bug!


Yes. erm that must have been horrible for you. How have you managed to put it behind you and move on, I wonder?

I had a similar experience to you Blocky. Except it was on Skeeve’s Challenge with the one hit kill settings. I trying to get some things off a shelf next to where Thuthu was crafting but as I moved to access the shelf, she tapped on the bench I was in front of, which hit me instead and I died before I could eat a single mango.


When I joined blockheads, I joined a server called “MLP-FANS-ONLY”. This was like 2-3 years ago? lol. So when I joined, I saw people who were working the the admin base north of spawn. The owner asked me if I can help her build, I said yes. When she ask what was in my pc, I didn’t know what a pc mean’t. Thats how she knew I was new to the game. So already gave me admin then items to help her build. At this time her friend had a war with Czy if I remember correctly. It was like Pr_Cadence’s server VS Czy’s server. The owner of “MLP-FANS-ONLY” requested me if I wanted to join her friend’s server, I said yes. When I joined, the server was a bit griefed. At this time we didn’t have protection signs. One day the whole world was griefed because Czy had spies. So we had trust problems with people stealing in “MLP-FANS-ONLY”. Admins stole supershops and other times like cash. Time had past and I made a mall at spawn so people can shop. Then the blockheads made trade portals which made my mall useless. It was fun while it lasted. Me and the owner of “MLP-FANS-ONLY” had a friend relationship. One day I watch Miss Pauling and Scout on TF2 had a romantic relationship. I was like screw it, I had skype open and said to the owner of “MLP-FANS-ONLY”, “do you want to go out?” She said “I thought you would never ask.” Oh dear… I cheated and cheated on her because I wanted to see someone else because she was getting boring. I cheated like three times and I cheated the last time because she was playing Cubic Castles, this means she didn’t play blockheads. Thing got dramtic. I thought I would of gotten away with it. Oh boy I was wrong. Before this ever happened, me, detective (ingame name), Faye (IRL name of the Owner of “MLP-FANS-ONLY”), Pr_Candence (ingame name), Cat (nick name? Dunno), and Mixi (nick name). Faye came up with oovooing each other. (It was like skype). When we called, we were all shy. One we seen our faces, we were all asian. WHO KNEW?! There are more that I had forgotten sadly. I was dearly depressed. I still am. I missed my friends…Daughters…Son… the old life I had. Now theres less and less people coming to MLP servers. Then I came to thinking… I will make a server that I will stay forever which was the plan. So I did. Afking and waiting for people to stay. I still am to this day. You guys will never see what I been through. I did everything there is to do in blockheads, anything you came up with, I did. This game was the best thing that happened to me, I get to talk to friends and have fun. Experienced a lot of things.

When you get to be an older player, you’ll start to be depressed. You’ll ask yourself. “Where are my friends?” “What is there to do?” “Why are people on here so stupid?” "What am I going to do?"
This is silly to share. You know why I love this game? Well its so different than any other games! You get chat and make friends. So much to do when your new. You get to discover a world with your friends. The important thing in this game is to interact with real life people in a game. Know their personality and stuff. I hope you gain something from he knowledge of an old player.


One day i joined a server, There was only one person on that server and he is the owner. I was just exploring the world for like 15 seconds and then BOOM! I got banned…


This is the story of me getting admin first time.
I was joining servers in the randomiser, and i got to an pretty new server(cant remember the name) and it needed staff. So, the owner(cant remember his name either) admined me. And then a new player came on, the owner admined him too! Then the new admin banned everyone.:sob:



Classic story and reason why you don’t admin everyone who joins.


I thought that story sounded vaguely familiar.:laughing: (I must have really wanted that mango. :wink: )

Gee… and I always thought the time I killed you by accidentally burning the bed you were sleeping in would be the really memorable story! The quintessentail friendly fire blockhead death. LOL.


Oh yeah. That was the OTHER time you killed me. I’m surprised you never rode the deathtrap…I mean…fun handcar track I was building there.


It’s not a bug. It’s a factor to take into account when exiting the protective atmosphere of a planet.


I call it the Major Tom factor.


No, it’s the Major TMM factor


no its haqueing radiation
10 points if you understand XD


:confused: what that?


Stephen Hawking was a notable physicist in his time, and the theory of Hawking radiation stems from the idea that the equations of general relativity allow virtual particles to be added to the universe, as long as an equal amount of antimatter virtual particles are added at the same time. The particles annihilate each other, no change in the matter in the universe, etc. However, Hawking radiation places this scenario next to a black hole. The particles are added, but before they can destroy each other, the black hoe absorbs one of the pair. The particle that wasn’t absorbed now exists and is not annihilated by its counterpart, thus it must have mass. Because matter cannot be added to the universe by any way, shape, or form, the mass of this new particle comes from the black hole, weird as it sounds. This is the current reason that people believe black holes decay, as they lose matter to these virtual particles.

Haque, presumably, was making a pun about Hawking --> Haqueing. However, Hawking radiation has nothing to do with atmospheric oxygen levels.
Do I get my 10 points?


yes @Nick_Benakoln you deserve them :slight_smile:

  So here we come, one day i joined a server called Sweet Land its full of houses, mall, arts, and bunch of really cool stuff. Then the owner was here that time when i joined we chat everthing went well.... Untill one of the hacker blamed me that I stolen 96 jet pack and that hacker was a friend of the player named MasterAwe who got baned while ago for Duping. I was verge of getting Banned untill some one would listen to me. I figur that Hacker hated me what i Dont to his friend. [quote="Scarlet, post:19, topic:48163, full:true"]
  So here we come, one day i joined a server called Sweet Land its full of houses, mall, arts, and bunch of really cool stuff. Then the owner was here that time when i joined we chat everthing went well.... Untill one of the hacker blamed me that I stolen 96 jet pack and that hacker was a friend of the player named MasterAwe who got baned while ago for Duping. I was verge of getting Banned untill some one would listen to me. I figur that Hacker hated me what i have done to his friend. I didnt really care but this fighting and aguring about me getting blamed and thinking im a hacker too.. But it not true because that hacker was Prepare for this TRICK and i wasnt and i didn't expect that trick.....i would admitted that was a pretty good trick for hacker ha. But all the people in this server trusted me and banned this Hacker so basically he just made 96 jet packs the Killed me and picked up all my items with HIS PERSONAL JET PACK WITH MY STUFF! Wow very trickery and overwelming! So that time in this server i was a role play of a police officer!

Oh youguys need to scroll side ways so u could read them all its pretty long amd i dint know what happened to my story!?


You added a formatting to your post when you didn’t really need to.


Hi. Oh yeah, my bad times… One time on my second account, Dichrif 2.0, I was playing single player. Then I set for an adventure for copper and tin. I popped all the things I would need for it in a chest. I left it and went off on a donkey. Then when I set up camp to rest, I realised I left my chest still at my house. Then I had to go back and get it. This time I used it cos I had my bed in there. Couple moments after sleeping, again I left it in my temp camp. When I was on a faraway mountain, I set up camp. Then I realised I left my chest again. I had to go back to my 1st camp and grab it. Then I got the things I needed and went back home. Also luckily I did not forget to leave it, I just remembered to take it back home.