BH stories


oh speaking of leaving things!!

I ran a world from scratch server (no TP, no PC) for a while and after weeks of mining and crafting I FINALLY crafted a jetpack. I was so excited because other players had forged ahead and were already flying around. Then I came down to earth to save fuel but when I switched into a jacket from my jetpack, my inventory somehow filled up. I don’t recall how exactly because I didn’t even notice that in the switch, my jetpack dropped on the ground as I started tapping towards home. Only later did I realize it wasn’t in my inventory and had despawned!! d’OH!! I never crafted another jetpack on that world again.


Awh that must have been disheartening. Was that on NC?


No. On Skylands Roots.


When i was first easing into blockheads there was a world where i was admin and another admin came on and he asked me to date him and i said no thx with a cringe on my face he unadmined me he took a screen shot of my character for reference when i left he build a titanium jail cell around me with iron doors and protected it as u know i was unadmined and had no tc i was stuck there for about a week waiting for the friendly admin that was teaching me more about the game after that i finally got out and figured out that he had stole all my stuff and had a war with me before he banned me