Big cages!

This would add big cages… big cages can hold yaks cave trolls and in the case of sharks, a big bucket.
Big cage crafting recipe: 10 iron ingots
Big bucket recipe:10 tin ingots
Both would be crafted at level 4 craft bench
Is it too op or nah?..


im sorry, but I think yaks can be caged in ordinary ones.

I think the suggestion is to move yaks to big cages.

those big cages should also be used for donkeys I think.

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Yee big cages can hold everything accept ocean animals. Big bucket holds everything accept land animals,

How about the same cage but the different recipe to make it.

We have Iron cage that needed 3 Iron Ingots.

I suggest Titanium cage recipes 3 Titanium Ingots. Like that easy right no need to rename or suggest more cages for shark and trolls :stuck_out_tongue:

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Uh… bit overpriced on titanium tho… maybe steel? Also you forgot titanium bucket D:

Maybe carbon fiber?

Why do you guys always forgot I know titanium is truly expensive but there’s another way to find it caves, job listing or sluices and craft it to the electric furnace to make it titanium ingots. Da wae :wink:

Yeah carbon fiber :smiley:

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Maybe if they were ever added big cages would hold three different dodos, would be cool.

Yeah, I agree. Dodos tend to reproduce a lot, having a cage that’s capable of carrying 3 dodos is very beneficial.

Tell me about it. A tip some of you may or may not know, is that if you put a torch on the dodo’s pen it cannot lay eggs. This is helpful because without eggs the dodos will not lose as much hunger, and also it is not as expensive as putting them in a cage.

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