Big Chungus


This suggestion is simple, Big Chungus will spawn in trapdoors and climb out, he steals your trapdoor and says “that’ll hold him alright!” and then you need a new trapdoor because he just despawned it. But don’t worry! Sometimes this can be a blessing, as there is a 1/100 chance that he will replace it as a diamond. THIS IS NOT A JOKE SUGGESTION, I WOULD LIKE TO SEE BIG CHUNGUS ADDED PLEASE.

Do any suggestions go through?+ the Suggestion shoutout thread

I’d like to disagree with this suggestion because trapdoors are an important part to a build. They keep a block, and you can go through it.

Especially in iron trapdoors.


But big chungus will only come sometimes, like an enderman taking blocks.


If Dave adds this, he might as well add tide pods and Juuls.


Great ideas! I should suggest those. You can craft a juul pod with like uh oil and an iron block.


:clap:What :clap: A :clap:Great :clap:Suggestion :clap:


Chuna chunga chuga ooh chunga chunga wo chunga CHUNGUS


Please keep in mind to anyone liking this: you should only like suggestions if you would actually, truly, honestly believe they should be implemented in the game.


Thanks you for suggesting that we like only if we want the suggestion implemented but I disagree, people can find this funny, therefore liking it and not necessarily wanting this to be actually implemented. Let’s now get back on topic.


Unless it’s a joke suggestion, liking it shows you want it implemented.


I like this suggestion :+1:


It’s a joke that it’s not a joke


In that case, it doesn’t belong in the #suggestions forum. Moved.




But I want it added


This needs to be added


I actually feel this should be added. No joke at all


New diamond farm???

Place a bunch of trapdoors in an area and wait???



believe that this should be added. It’d be a little Easter egg in the game that would be very funny.


All likes in the suggestions forum are considered to be approval for the suggestion. Don’t like unless you want the suggestion to be seriously considered by Dave.

Please don’t move suggestions out of the suggestions forum, @bilingual.