Big Chungus


Ah, thanks for clarifying. I typically like suggestions if I like the general idea of it.


He literally just said that it’s a joke.

He’s joking by saying it’s not a joke…


I suggested it as a joke but it’s still a suggestion


It’s probably a suggestion that suggests a joke. Not a joke suggestion.

**Technically it’s a joke suggestion, but it’s not a joke suggestion.


Y’all just confusing me haven’t joke suggestions in the past been in off topic


Who is Big Chungus? Is he a hostile mob or peaceful mob? I wouldn’t want a hostile mob chasing me around my “supposed to be a safe base” on expert stealing my hard earned trap doors :fearful: just saying :sweat_smile:


This is Big Chungus and he only wants trapdoors so he’s passive but will definitely take your trapdoors and maybe give you diamonds


It is actually a joke, and even if the system works like that, it won’t be added.
I mean, there’s many other suggestions that are more into the game than this (clearly for entertainment purposes) and they are not being added.
This would make the game different in some way.
Still, the likes are because the suggestion by itself is funny, and would be good.


Imagine if a server suddenly gets flooded with sharks because Big Chungus stole one trapdoor from someone’s shark tank hidden among the sky islands.

also, trading 100 trapdoors for a diamond is quite a good deal


Big chungus has been dead for a while


So was ugandan knuckles,
Now they’re back.


Nobody cares because it’s still REALLY FREAKING FUNNIE


I, for one, wouldn’t particularly like this to be added to the game, but if you would be able to change it in settings, then that would be alright I guess.


Until Warner Bros. catches wind :wink:


Article 13 would like to know your location