Big Dig Mine (temporarily closed until I can fix some stuff)

Guys, big dig recentely hit 3rd most voted in BlockheadsFans, and this was really amazing for me. However, the server was massively griefed, and I was not here to stop it. We’re currently closed. If you want to help, or apply for staff there, message me on the forums. I hope we can reopemn soon.
Hey Everyone,
I finally made a server.
It is called…
(drumroll please)
This is an Economy/Exploration Server, where the goal is to dig up some ore. Access to sky islands, caves, and mountains are also included. Shops are about and you can even start your own shop!
You can join here!
-This is not a roleplay server. That means no inappropriate paintings/online dating.
-Do NOT build in the sky islands without asking first! They are reserved for protected building!
-No using ownership signs outside of the sky islands.
-No griefing other people’s work.
-Dont create ridiculous shops. (Ex: selling a gold coin for 100 plat coins)
-No duping.
-Be a good boi. :dog2:
-Have fun!
-The Steel Hotel, A hotel built into the skyscraper at the spawn. Stay the night, or store items!
-The Platinum Shoppes: Stock Up on Pickaxes! Admins can sell items here.
-The Dockside: Tons of stuff! At The Coffee Bean, you can get good eats and food. The Boat Landing let’s you travel the ocean. The Train Station let’s you travel anywhere! And the Garden Of Pixels, coming soon, let’s you get food and pets for free! You can get seeds and plant some stuff at your own base!
-Mount Wingy: Discovered (and currently being explored by) @Wingysam, this mountain is a good mining site as well as an adventure. Features elevators to make it easier to explore, and several train stations! We’re adding a crafting Outpost soon!
-Space elevator: Exactly what it sounds like. For easy access to Sky Islands.
-Sky Islands: Ask an admin and you can get your own, protected freebuild area up here! Please don’t build without asking, however.
-The Underground Railroad: Ride to a freebuild, reasturant, or ocean here! Currently goes all the way to the North Pole! Even goes underwater. Trains and handcarts are for sale.


I can help. I will name myself CATS=^…^= okay?

Keep watching those adds to save up enough TC for your server…
Trust me,you’ll know it’ll be worth it. :wink:

Ok! The server should be up by the end of the week

The ever is running now as “Big dig mine” I hope to see you there!

I can help you although I am not a good good builder I can still try

This is funny because I was learning about a similar topic in class. Was your server, by any chance, inspired by the Big Dig Project? Here’s some more info:
The Central Artery/Tunnel Project, known unofficially as the Big Dig, was a megaproject in Boston that rerouted the Central Artery of Interstate 93, the chief highway through the heart of the city, into the 3.5-mile Thomas P. O’Neill Jr. Tunnel.

Ok What is your username on BH?
@Platypus1234 It was named after the Minecraft mod “Big Dig” which adds new mining features and more ore. In this server, I added more ores, treasure, and gems. Would you like to help?

My username if so here it is


That’s the username

If you would like to be an admin please pm me. Moderators do not have to.

Ok, would you like to be a mod?

Not admin :confused:

My server Big Dig Mine needs to open soon.
Would anyone like to help with final touches?
Could anyone donate some world credit?
I need help to get a trade portal also. Mods are also needed.
In the meantime, here is a poll about it…
When Should Big Dig open?

  • 1 Day
  • 1 Week

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I’ll happily help you with your world :slight_smile: My IGN is WIKIFAYZ.
Is your server a regular or Custom rules server world?

I’ll help my ign is HAILEYJOYCHANNEL

I’d be happy to help! Sorry about the credit though. I’ll watch a few more vids, then help out c;

Custom. It’s set with lots of ores :slight_smile: if you’re going to help out join this discord group:

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Meh, I just wanna help in the world. I dun play those type of games XD. Don’t wanna sound rude though… :stare:

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It’s not a game. It’s a chat group for server staff.