Big Paintings!


Have you ever wanted a photo that isn’t just pixelized, or maybe just a huuuuge selfie?! Well now you can! By going to you can cut your pictures up into different photos! You may be thinking, “Will I still have my old photo?” To answer your question, yes!


Me: You have saved our lives, we are eternally grateful


Not trying to be mean but isnt this advertising?


It’s helping people, isn’t it? Maybe it is, but i don’t think so…

Anyway, thanks a lot, PixelPunCake01!


I’m not sure if he has any connection to the app mentioned, but there are other apps that will slice up your photos into pieces too.


It’s not an app, I didn’t really think of finding an app for it… And I wasn’t trying to advertise, just help people out.


Anyway, I’m new to this tapatalk app. If someone could help me figure out how to edit my profile I would be very greatful :blush:



I use Tapatalk, and I may be able to help. What do you mean by “edit”?

And you can’t post in a row unless the posts are an hour apart.


Oh. Sorry. I meant is there a way to change my name and stuff? It says that it is PixelPunCake by whenever I post, it says PixelPunCake01?

I’m not sure if you’re being sarcastic or not, but you’re welcome! [emoji1]

Yeah, I meant for it to help people, I have no link to the website and I’m not sponsored. I just shared it because I thought it was neat [emoji16]


There’s an app to do this, I always use it, it is supposed to be for instagram but I use it for this[emoji14]


Aren’t there other guides on painting large pictures already?
Like for example or the one from Skeeve. Just thought I’d mention this.

Ok, I guess this is the first guide on how to do it with though.


Sorry, I just recently joined this forum and the app so please try not to be too hard on me [emoji31]


Yes, we can see that. Don’t worry. Please just read the rules for the bulletin board, stickied near the top of the meta forum, in a thread called The Blockheads Forums & You, and then before posting in each forum look to see if that forum has its own rules thread stickied near the top and read those too.


Alright, thanks Milla! [emoji16]


I use tilepic but it limits me to only very large paintings… The size of 9 largest canvases. I would like to make a REALLY BIG painting so I will check the picslice out shortly. Helpful tips, even if advertising an app is always up for negative and positive reaction from players.

What I want to know, and can’t find any posts about it, is how to do the REALLY BIG paintings like on Skeeves Gigantic Empire, that sadly got griefed! I am guessing that I would need to tile an image, tile each tile again and hope it doesn’t lose resolution… I have some experimenting to do!! Yay! Fun!


This has been posted in this thread but in case you missed it.

I have just replaced the photos that were missing and added an example of a 12X20 poster.



I did click on that link in an earlier post but your images were ‘moved or deleted’ but now I can see them and OMG!! Such clarity! I love it. And they are BIG paintings… I have to play with my apps and photoshop some more. Thanks for that.


You can splice one photo as much as you want, I’m pretty sure. Thanks for the positive feedback! [emoji16]


Something seems to be wrong with the website


That’s seems broken aswell


Maybe it’s because it’s more than three years old.