Binoculars suggestion

A binocular can see 10 blocks higher and 50 blocks away!!
You have to keep crafting lenses from 5 glass and a diamond to make 2 lenses for the binoculars
One lenses last for 5 minutes of use

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Lenses last forever

Why would the lenses randomly break? :thinking:

Hmm from wear? (Like a donkey stick)
Or the range goes closer and closer due to the lenses being dirty and you have to wash them

I would prefer that.

it had to be said image

this would be cool to see here too though

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5 minutes is a little low though to be honest, maybe like an hour since it does cost two diamonds, and you could make different levels with different gems

This would be so useful if you‘re trying to travel through a desert with scorpions during night time :smile:


It should be made of 2 diamonds, one iron block and

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Would they provide any advantage at all to the Blockhead? At this point it seems purely cosmetic, given the interface of the game.

Maybe they could make your character aware of dangerous animals before they come into frame. Predator alert?


Sure that sounds handy