This is a list of all Biomes that I remember and could or not be applied to The BlockHeads.

If you remember another Biome or would like to add more information about a specific Biome, place the info in the comments section and I’ll add it later.


Current Biomes: AKA Biomes that currently exist and could be modified in some way.

-Description: A landscape full of trees of varied types and sizes. It’s climate is normal with equal amounts of rain, sun, heat, and cold, which allows the populace of several different plants and animals of other biomes.
-Flora: Many different plants including most of the fruits that are currently available in the game. New plants: Nut Tree, Cotton (for clothing), Beanstalk, Papyrus Plant (for papire or paper to make books to write in), bamboo.
-Fauna: Dodos, Drop Bears, Deer/Stags, Bats, Wolf, Hare, Squirrels, Boars, Bees who live in Hives with Honey, Pandas, Fireflies, Tiger, Stag, etc…
-Details: Very Common Biome.

-Description: a landscape that rises from the ground to great heights. The higher the peak, the colder the biome becomes. The lower stratus has fauna and flora similar to the surrounding biomes, the middle stratum has fauna specific of this biome with very few flora, the topmost stratum being mostly deserted.
-Flora: Low stratum has Pine trees and other plants, higher stratums only have a few small sized plants.
-Fauna: Low Stratum (Drop Bears, Bats, Hare, Lizards that climb backwalls), Higher Stratums (Birds, Goats)
-Details: Quite common and varied in sizes. Small mountains have no mountain-specific fauna.

-Description: A landscape where the earth is entirely replaced by sand. The area is much hotter than other places, requiring the use of water to keep cool (usually found in small lakes or oasis).
-Flora: Cactuses and a few small plants.
-Fauna: Scorpions, Donkeys, Bats, Camels, Antlions.
-Details: Extending for long distances at a time, usually found far from the poles. The hot climate causes heat strokes. Wearing fur cloth or armor accelerates this process. Occasional Quicksand Pits.

-Description: A landscape of snow and ice, the unbearable cold forces you to find heat in order to survive. Because of the cold climate, almost no plants survive here, forcing the predators to sustain themselves on fish, algae and other carnivores.
-Flora: None.
-Fauna: Artic Fox, Polar Bear, Seal, Walrus, Penguin, Fish (underwater).
-Details: Found only in the 2 poles, it extends for long distances. The cold climate freezes. Icebergs (portions of ice floating in water) can be found.

-Description: An opened location within a mountain or below a territory. Usually made of stone. Many different ores and stones can be excavated from these biomes.
-Flora: Glow Shrooms, Glow Moss
-Fauna: Cave Trolls, Bats, Moles/Groundhogs
-Details: Underground location where one can excavate ores and stones as well as gemstones. Can also include abandoned mines, mine carts, mine shafts, etc… These will be broken and cannot be fixed, only replaced with elevators.

-Description: An open space high in the air, nearly impossible to reach with normal means. Higher heights cause temperature to drop drastically, especially above the poles. Rain clouds can be seen readying to pour rain below.
-Flora: None.
-Fauna: Birds
-Details: Place to hunt birds with a Bow&Arrow and harvest clouds with vacuums.

-Description: An expense of sand accompanied by a body of water easily crossed by a boat. This place is usually used as a dock for fishing boats and pirate ships who bury their treasure chests below the sand.
-Flora: None.
-Fauna: Crabs, Fish(below water)
-Details: Good place to fish and find Treasure Chests.

-Description: A long expanse of water that is inhabited by many different types of fish and molusks. Due to the lack of air, preparation is required to explore these biomes.
-Flora: Weed, Coral
-Fauna: Fish, Sharks, Orca, Whale, Squids, Crabs, Shrimps, Jellyfish, Anglerfish who provide light underwater, Eels, Stingrays, Oysters to get Pearls, Dolphins to ride over water, Lobsters, Starfishes, etc… It has been suggested to include a variety of fishes as well as bait to catch those different fishes.
-Details: Good place to hunt for seafood, get water, and discover pearls in oysters, seashells. Possibility to obtain Salt from water.
EXTRA: two kinds of oceans: Saltwater and Freshwater. The type of ocean determines the animals that can spawn in them. More details here:

-Description: one of the 2 ultimate biomes, and the least livable of them all. No oxygen whatsoever as well as extreme cold. No plants or animals could possibly survive here. Only a couple of meteorites and star dust can be found in this region.
-Flora: None
-Fauna: None
-Details: Rarely find meteors and star dust.

Center of the World:
-Description: one of the 2 ultimate biomes, a place that is hard to survive in, but not altogether impossible. The area is extremely HOT which causes massive damage to plants and animals around. However, due to the heat, many Springs can be found nearby.
-Flora: None
-Fauna: None
-Details: Basalt can be created, Springs can be found nearby.

-Description: Though natural ones are called Springs, many artificial ones are called Hot Tubs. These Springs of water hold curative properties that allow the prosperity of any who bathe in them.
-Flora: Weeds (if planted)
-Fauna: Fish (if there are plants)
-Details: Provides constant healing to player, NOT animals

Possible Future Biomes:

-Description: An expanse of land with diverse flora and fauna, characterized by the humidity of the atmosphere. Fires are less effective here, but cold is rarely felt due to the heat, which makes this place a breeding ground for insects.
-Flora: Many common plants, Vine Trees (swing from the vines), Bananas, Lillypads…
-Fauna: Insects, Monkeys, Panthers, Leeches, Frogs, etc…
-Details: A place of danger and mystery with several hidden ancient buildings and constructs.

-Description: An expanse of GRASS with very few trees where various animals roam eating grass or others.
-Flora: Grass, few trees
-Fauna: Deer/Stag, Giraffe, Zebra, Elephant, Rhino, Lion & Lioness
-Details: A territory for animal hunters to prosper in the thrill of the hunt.

-Description: A territory that is even more humid and hotter than a jungle where even more insects prosper as well as large reptiles. The difference is most noticeable because of the large territories filled with muddy water where dangerous animals camouflage themselves.
-Flora: Vine Trees, other trees, fallen logs, Giant Lillipads…
-Fauna: insects, Gators, piranhas, snakes, leeches…
-Details: A dangerous place to live in with many hidden predators.

-Description: A dangerous biome within a mountain that has evolved from an eruption of magma. Within the mountain there are veins of lava that are only crossable by blocking them. The intense heat makes it a hard place to live in, but tools and armor made in this place tend to live for longer periods and are more resilient.
-Flora: None
-Fauna: Fire golem???
-Details: A place where tools and armor made become more resilient (only if they are MADE here, others melt), create Basalt.

-Description: An expense of infertile land, usually stone, where no plants could possibly live. Nothing can be found here except the stone, but the place could become luscious with great care. Sometimes, bones appear in this place, which can be picked and moved to use as creepy decorations.
-Flora: None
-Fauna: Vultures
-Details: Nothing here, but can be transformed more easily into another Biome. Possibility of finding bones and skulls when FIRST explored.

-Description: an expanse of a variety of plants of the herb-kind which are grazed by simple, mostly inoffensive animals which can be usually harvested without killing them.
-Flora: many plants and herbs, plenty of grass and flowers, good place to grow crops, pumpkins, tomatoes, cabbages, grapes, wheat, sugarcanes, potatoes…
-Fauna: cows, sheep, chickens, pigs (AKA farm animals)
-Details: one of the few places where it’s viable to create a Farm for animals and harvest a variety of materials such as milk, cheese, fleece, eggs, and bacon. This Biome is the most peaceful and quiet of all biomes. Special objects are required to obtain such materials with better efficiency such as chicken nests, Pig drench (for them to eat and spawn), razors for fleece and a bucket for milk.

-Description: Utilizing a rocket or some other method to travel beyond the regular world, the landmass of the moon is unlocked. Approximately 1/20th or less than the original world in size. The moon is composed of Moon Stones which can be used decoratively or for crafting.
-Flora: Moon Seeds
-Fauna: Astronaut/Aliens
Details: Difficult to access, only for advanced players. Modifying the moon landscape modifies the moon that is visible in the sky at night in your planet. Possibility to transfer AIR Blocks from the planet to the moon, but will escape upwards the same way water escapes downwards.
Atmosphere: The atmosphere here acts the same way as water, allowing you to swim in the… well, wherever there ISN’T air. Places with Air, you will NOT be able to swim. Air needs to be directly transferred from the planet to the moon through some tool (vacuum?).
[original concept of the idea goes to Asldfjk]

Radioactive Zone:
Description: an expanse of land and/or or sea that has become radioactive due to unknown reasons. The radiation causes animals here to spawn slightly mutated with both their meat and fruits that grow here being poisonous to Blockheads. Water is muddy yellow acid that also damages the blockhead and slowly destroys any boat that sails it. Animals within are all agresive towards the blockhead, even fishes.
Flora & Fauna: agresive, poisonous variations of existing animals and plants.
Details: I wrote this disturbing idea for the fun of it and expect no one to take it seriously.

House Plants: These can be found in several locations and can be taken to decorate homes. Not really exclusive to Biomes, but different plants/flowers spawn at different locations. (roses, tulips, moonflowers, lotuses, etc…)

-Not truly a biome because they can be found just about in any other biome, however they do affect the landscape of the world so it is included here.
-Ruins are basically random structures that can be found in your world in random locations. These could be made of any number or types of blocks and found anywhere in the world.
-Additionally, powerful mobs (giant scorpions, mummies, ghosts, king trolls, etc…), dangerous traps, and treasure might be found in SOME of the ruins.
Types of ruins include, but are not exclusive to: abandoned houses, collapsed towers, sunken ships, crashed airplane, abandoned/collapsed mines, UFO crash sites, ancient temples and pyramids, etc…

-Similarly to Ruins, it is not truly a biome, but affects the landscape and therefor merits mention here.
-Villages resolve from the basic concept of NPC (Non Playable Characters). It is basically a place that you prepare yourself that might cause NPC BlockHeads to appear and help in various ways such as: Quests, gathering resources, hunting animals, farming, etc…
-The basic appeal to NPC’s in The BlockHeads is the ability to have independent units taking care of an area (other than the Tinfoil Hat) while the player concentrates his “heroes” on another task.
-This suggestion has been countered previously by the statement: “The game is all about commanding your blockhead to do things. If you can have NPC’s doing the work for you, it might ruin the whole game!”, therefore this suggestion has low to 0 probability of being implemented.
(There are problems with implementing the AI, in addition people prefer these to be optionable, not forceable)

Due to the highly unlikely chance of mythical animals added to this game, such animals will be noted here as a footnote. It is 90% certain that these will not be added. The reason it is not 100% is because Ice Trolls exist…

Dragons-> only few per world, it flies around the sky. Killing one is a phenomical achievement and gives some Dragon Scales. (controversy over them has existed since the beginning of Blockheads. Most agree that it is a good thought, but VERY unlikely and too much like Minecraft)

Kraken-> boss-like monster of the deep sea. Spawns deep underwater and attacks ships that swim overhead as well as swimmers. (May cause too much difficulty traversing the world due to the complexity of fighting them deep underwater…)

Unicorn-> ridable creature faster than a donkey. May have magical properties in its horn?

Pegasus-> ridable creature capable of flight.

Alicorn-> both unicorn and Pegasus.

Phoenix-> is born from great flames of large sizes, usually volcanoes. Drops feathers, embers, and ashes. Ashes can be moved to another location. Baby Phoenix is born from the ashes. Watching a baby phoenix be born from ashes grants an achievement.

Mermaids-> found deep below water, moves really fast in water, drops mermaid tears (healing item) and gems. Drinking Mermaid Tears grants an achievement. Mermaids run away on sight.

Dwarves-> passive mob that helps digging tunnels. fights back when attacked. Drops gems, stones, and pickaxes. Digging alongside one grants an achievement. (There are problems with implementing the AI, in addition people prefer these to be optionable, not forceable)

Elves-> passive mob that hunts drop bears and scorpions with bows and arrows. Drop fruits, meat and Bows and Arrows. Hunting the same animal as one grants an achievement. (There are problems with implementing the AI, in addition people prefer these to be optionable, not forceable)

Golems-> constructs of blocks of stone or similar types which protect the home and blocks placed by whoever spawned them. Or simply mobs that exist in caves…

Skelletons, Zombies, Ghosts-> Vicious Undead that spawn at night and die at daytime.(99% of the populace refuses their addition to the game because it would be too similar to Minecraft.)

Aliens-> See Astronaut in the Moon section. Aliens are basically their counterparts. UFO’s and communication using the Tinfoil Hat have also been mentioned along with the alien.

Dinosaurs-> either hidden away in hidden locations deep underground or simply extremely hard to spawn. Most likely, a Purchase that allows you to spawn in a prehistoric world instead of the current worlds. This world would have little to no access to most technology, unless directly sent from the other worlds via Portal Chest.


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How about a moon biome in space where u can get aluminum and titanium and cheese. Also you can fight astronauts and see “moon trees”.


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Ok so people liked my moon idea so I will expand. Titanium will be used to make the ultimate tool that are like gold pick axes only faster and better. It will also make the strongest block ever. Aluminum will make airplanes a better type of ladder and a space/diving suit. The cheese is green and will restore as much hunger as an orange. The moon trees will have moon wood, which will be used for decorative houses and stuff and moon leaves which are also decorative. The astronauts have a gun that takes away one forth of your health and take three hits from an iron sword to kill. Also a non hostile moon creature would be fun but I will let someone else have the pleasure of describing that.




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