It’s in Capital Letters so it’s more noticible.


You can change the font of the text and bold it instead:) Here’s the link to the bb coding for it.


Anyone want to build upon my moon idea.


You dont need to ask (by asking, you bumped the thread)…


Since it got bumped anyways, I added in the space idea with slight modifications. Titanium from the moon is a bit… well, it’s better to go with Moon Stones. The astronauts I placed that could be aliens to keep with the no-humanoid-enemies-except-other-players-rule that currently exists apparently.

I think it’s best to change moon trees into moon seeds that can be planted and harvested as crop, like flax, carrots, and sunflowers, rather than an actual tree. Furthermore, the seeds should be below the moon’s surface, not visible from the planet.

Oh, and added some further details on how modifying the moon would affect the actual moon in the game.

added skulls and bones to the Wasteland Biome.
added Fields Biome for farm animals.
added more animals and plants to several Biomes.


Currently going through all threads in Suggestions to get all animals, plants, and biomes that have already been suggested in the past. Only animals that would appear at certain places will be added. Mythical animals that spawn and travel around will be noted as a footnote later on. This includes: Dragon, Phoenix, Mermaids, Dwarves, etc…


Sorry for the double post, but I’d like to say this:

“All animals and plants that a viable that have been suggested in the 73 pages of the Suggestions Area have been placed here for your convenience. Yes, I just checked all of those 73 pages.”

“Continue to give animals, plants, and biome ideas HERE so that they may be added at leisure”

Now, if only this was moved to the Meta Area…


Why not titanium aluminum and cheese also thank you for giving credit but why did you say astronaut/alien


Theres aluminium on earth, makes no sense to bring it from the moon. Titanium does not exist in the moon either. The game is pretty similar to reality, so the moon is not made of cheese.

Extra materials such as aluminium and titanium should be found undergroud or made at a bench… Titanium in particular should be made given that it is that hard, similar to steel.

Both astronauts and aliens have been mebtioned previously with the same basic functions. Furthermore, if they are astronauts of another planet then by definition they ARE aliens…


I truly like these ideas, especially because on the server I go on my blockhead in a cave in the South Pole and I get lonely. But, the problem is most of ideas won’t be added at once and it might take two or three updates to get them all in. But having company in my cave with golems and bats would be very nice and cool(I’ll probably have to move to a new cave for them spawn in though).


no skeletons. for sure


Yeah definitely no skeletons. While I’m circumnavigating I don’t want a random skeleton scaring me! :eek:


Hence why it is in the “improbable” section of this thread. It HAS been suggested, but very few people like the idea. Honestly? I’m of the same opinion as you.


Well why not have another planet with aliens trees with burn forever wood and alien mobs.


Well, your suggestions are viable, but extremely unrealistic. There isn’t a plan on implementing the moon, and even so, there wouldn’t be things that u said, like cheese on the moon. Don’t be too excited but it’s great to have suggestions.


Well, if there was…
Maybe it could do without the burn forever wood and aliens, but hey, wouldn’t cheese be awesome?


Not too mention corn bread and cheese sanwiches


Srsly, your suggestions are not realistic, cheese is always great I agree but there is a way of how cheese is made, I dont remember the moon being the source.


Have you not heard thet the heard the moon is made of green cheese


It’s not.


And like their is cave trolls.