I just want to say…I think this is one of the best suggestion threads I’ve ever read. We’ve needed this for a while now, and it should definitely be stickied to the top of the Suggestions section.

So, thank you for your hard work!


So here is an idea nether world (renaimed of course) do not say the m world in front of this post. If anybody says the like th idea i will expand.


please add pegasus! it can jump higher than a donkey and glides, one in air you cannot go any higher and it just glides down
also add a unicorn, it alows you to pick up items from a long distance away
both have to be tamed using special items, ill leave that up to u neo :slight_smile:


Someone who is like NeoWarrior.


Ice burgs! The are found in the northern oceans just floating around and the have penguins.


Ummm has “Ruins” already been suggested. If not then it could be a place with just random blocks placed around and broken walls and houses meaning a hous with no roof and two block wall with a three block wall. If it has been suggested well I just wasted your time trololololololo


Added a mention of the icebergs to the Tundra section of the Biomes.
Added a separate section for Ruins. Though they are not a biome perse, they merit mention since they affect the environment in which they are located.
Decided to also add mention to NPC villages, though not a biome, they work similarly enough to ruins and therefore should be included.

Thank You for your cooperation!

PS- just realized the thread got stickied :slight_smile:


Will you make a list like this for other recurring topics?


I might consider it at a later date. god knows we need one for benches, mobs, and equipment… However, placing all of this in a single thread will make it nearly unviable and placing them in separate threads will make them TOO MANY if done incorrectly… Hence my pause in making the next one…

Should I make it out of:
mobs and plants?
equipment (clothes, tools & vehicles)?
benches (new implementations like pipes & customization)?

The last one is the most difficult to make since each bench constitutes several objects to be made. It might be possible to subdivide the benches by type, but I’m not sure how exactly.

Another possible thread would be World Changing which would basically mean weather, natural catastrophes, and other things that could similarly cause severe world-wide bugs…

In short, there are so many things that could be placed that a single thread is not enough, but separating them too much will completely fill up the pages with Sticky’s, hence I am still questioning the next step to take… Perhaps to create a single thread with a descriptive link to each of the other threads named: “Read before posting a suggestion” or something of the sort would circumvent this whole situation?

Opinions on how to proceed and which thread to begin would be appreciated


Well first call for people who would do the threads for you.


Explain please.


Ask if someone will do the threads for you like i will be happy to do the weapons thread.


Sure, you can do that one, but you MUST include all TOOLS not just weapons. Also a brief description of what that tool does (does it harvest, what it does, it’s functions, additional effects, etc…) Furthermore, you must include clothes and armor.

One thing though… You must include all information regarding the tool that has been mentioned, unless it goes beyond common sense (like say: freezing laser beam, which is TOO advanced for this type of game). If in doubt of whether it could or could not be applied, do the same thing I did on this thread with the legendary mobs with extremely low of being implemented.

You’ll have to dig through all the Suggestion Threads to find all relevant information, you up for that?


The whole "one thread linking all the others"
Isn’t there a “read before posting” thread already?


I will do it later as i have school but i will do it.


Biomes that copy Minecraft?


What going on if I have played load and I have reached the most goal in my 4 or maybe 5 blockhead with fully option. So when this update come out that mean I have to play all over again start with 1 block head and some flint tool? It no reason with that case so you should suggest more about how to backup my save and have a new featrue to please tell me how it with clear information. Oh sorry with some worng spelling and gramma’cause ah…um…yes I’m asain.



I can honestly say that I did not understood any of what you said…

This are ideas, not things that will DEFINITELY happen in a future update, so specifying a date is ludicrous…

If you are asking how the new biomes would affect the game, then it would be similar to how the fish and sharks were implemented, as well as black sand and golden chests.

None of these existed before, but upon arriving being added, they were randomly added to existing areas, even discovered ones…


WOW all those idea will make blockhead better and more fun
It take a long time to code and make but it be worth it :slight_smile:


My biome, valleys do not have to many trees,many plants,and grassy dirt.
Flora:Pine,cherry,nut trees.Flax plants,corn,and sunflowers.
Fauna:Do-doo birds,dropbears.
If I offend anyone for copying ideas or main descriptions I’m sorry!