U should add crowns


U should add the underworld


Do not double post, just edit your posts. Crowns are types of hats, this thread is for biomes, animals and plants, not gear or clothes. The underworld is basically the underground, but near the lava. Zombies and other unlikely to be added creatures that could be found in the underworld are mentioned at the bottom of the first post and stated as such.

While “Valley” is a possible name for a biome, the description you applied does NOT seem very different from what already is available at present, nor does it differentiate itself in any way… Please give more info if you wish it to be added to the list.


:smiley: I like this stuff!


This is good cause the BH globe could be expanded be more challenging to circle the globe


I actually love these ideas so much!! If these were added into the game it would be AMAZING, I would be more addicted than I already am. I particularly like the biomes, and the mythical creatures ideas. The mythical creatures would make the game a lot more adventurous and interesting( in my opinion), and I think they would be a great addition to the game. Although some people think the idea of NPC villages isn’t good I think it’s great! Once you have a successful community of NPC’s looking after something, you can really start the adventure! You can do what you’ve always wanted to do and travel the world. I really hope these ideas are added to the game!


So, I see that Seals are suggested. Can we add suggestions here to be added to the OP about what they might be used for?

I thought that sealskin could create a sealskin jacket that helped you swim faster, the way boots help you walk faster.


about moon stones that is like pokemon it could cause copyright issues.


Not really seeing we’ll have actual stones from the Moon… Plus, it’s not like it’ll be magic or help us catch mystical animals.


EXCUSE ME MR NEO WARRIOR YOU FORGOT PEGASUS!!! How could you forget the mythical horse?!? It’s one of the most popular mythical creatures! In fact… I know quite a few kids who actually don’t know what pegasus is…


How 'bout UNICORNS! jk :slight_smile:


And alicorns! If you don’t know what an alicorn is… Tell me now so I can give you a lecture XD


Wish at least one of these got added. At least an animal got added, sucks it’s such a dangerous one…


You mean like the shark. And cave troll. And dropbear.
Just stay away from them at night time, and don’t attack them.


Does anyone even know what an alicorn is? Meh. I’ll tell you. It’s a unicorn with wings which in my oppinion is awsome!
But the chances of it getting in the game are around 2%



I had not added the Pegasus because it had not been suggested in the threads I recompiled. I’ll add it momentarily.


I know what an alicorn is,haha


There is a biome location I didn’t see suggested. What about a high altitude desert. What that is, is a desert like environment high up in the mountains. Where there is very sparse vegetation and barely any normal size trees. Very very few of what would be considered normal size. They instead only grow to be about 2 stories tall at the most. Would have lots of Stoney/rocky surfaces, with lots of dirt and sparse grass. When I say sparse I do mean sparse. From what I can remember I didn’t see real grass of any kind in Colorado Springs, CO for 3 years, until I moved back to Georgia. The temperatures would range from really dry and hot summers, sparing rain in the spring, short humid fall, and harsh dry snowy winters.


This should be for multiplayer worlds. It would be an option, and could add to your theme


I personally want to see the wasteland. I would live in it.