but what would happen to old worlds?!?! I worked on my world for 9 months almost every single day, and wouldn’t really like to start from the beginning


Think they if new biomes just wouodn’t add it up.



portal chests :slight_smile:

then again youd still need to wait until you got another one in the second world…


I like the bees idea. Honey could be a drop shape like poison. And though hives should be hidden they could produce a buzzing sound when you get close to a tree with a hive. And when you climb or cut down said tree your blockhead could be slightly injured. I don’t think that deer, bats, squirrels, camels, rabbits or boars should be added because they don’t really add anything to the game. Though I guess deer and stags could be added for aesthetic value, food, and hunting trophy. Wolves would be nice to be able to domesticate. Can be found in natural caves near or in forests or white wolves at the poles that hide in snow and attack sometimes. Birds already have sounds in the game but I don’t think they need to be added. No goats, groundhogs, crabs or lizards as again they don’t add much value. Coral would be a nice pretty, pink, pitted block to add to the game for ocean biomes. I’d go for jellyfish to add light to oceans at night. House plants should be enabled but no extra plants should be added. An addition of pots would be nice made by clay in a furnace so you can keep plants in your house for aesthetic value. Helpless NPCs that give your blockheads direction with quests is something I would be happy to see. Some of these suggestions are similar to other games and shouldn’t always be considered since they may make the game something it’s not. Pegasus could be a cool mythical creature in game as an ability to fly, very rare. Maybe befriended with treats of it’s liking but not always the same. Not lured with carrots like donkeys.

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Ok it clearly states this is a bunch of recommended biomes that were compiled together so you can look at this instead of all the others one by one…and at the clarity of it makes me believe you skipped around


You have perfectly described the CURRENT desert within the game. As such, this biome does exist.

In order for it to be considered a different biome than the desert, it must possess a key difference. For example Desert VS Wasteland.

If there is a difference between the biome you are recommending and the current biomes, please explain it in detail and it will be added.

Thank you.

adding more animals and plants
Adding abandoned mines
Adding info about freshwater and saltwater
Added link to original fresh/salt thread.
Added Dinosaurs/Prehistoric World Purchase
Added joke-biome: Radioactive Zone

Decided to soon give additional information about plants and animals included currently in this thread. No release date as of yet.


For the moon, maybe a terrafourming kit for air


this is a good idea but for people like me who’ve built a huge mansion and went around a world already what would happen to the terrain?


Nice, but I think 10000000 updates are required to add so much stuff :stuck_out_tongue:


The same thing that happened when black sand, golden chests and ice trolls were added, some random blocks mutate into the appropriate blocks.

Another possibility is to make the biomes “possibilities” that may or may not exist in a world upon creation, though this would be specific for Jungle, Plains and similar biomes that don’t have any terrain in the game suitable for their generation…

Tundra, Ocean and the additional mobs and plants can easily be added by the first option as long as the terrein is correct like how Fishes and Sharks and Scorpions were added.

It wouldn’t take that many updates… Just around 50 if we refer only to biomes plants and animals…


I hate zombies…


Ummm… OK?

That’s a pretty common opinion on these forums.


I’m not really the biggest fan of “magic” creatures and think they have a little amount of chance of being added to the game, BUT I love the biome ideas and it would be very exciting to experience them if they where added.


Wait minute!

im like mlp!!!


Yeah, since this was a recollection of all ideas, that one was included as well. I never knew of an alicorn before that.


I want mythical . Lol xD


I like the Radioactive Zone Idea, if this was added, we’d need Hazmat suits. But what if the radiation spawned around our home :frowning: ?
Zombies on the other hand? They belong in Call Of Duty & DayZ Stand Alone, etc etc.


How about a Mesa biome with clay and different sand and all that?


Sounds interesting! Mind giving more details about it?


It’d be a biome with red sand and different coloured clay, with a few small bits of water scattered around. Possibly with small patches of dirt.Also,there are flat-topped mountains.Most areas are either mountain or flat plateu.