If villagers are added, please don’t make them look fully derp and squid ward like. Minecraft already screwed up on this.


Fauna and flora?


Aliens should look like glowing green cave trolls, and there should be chests (like gold chests) buried below the surface that glow green as well. I’m sure these have been suggested, but spaceships and spacesuits would be nice. Multiple planets? But if there were aliens, they should totally look like cave trolls, just green and well… Glowing.


I don’t like the elves/dwarves idea. My blockheads are already elves and dwarves.


Space is not cold.


It is in winter lol :slight_smile:


I think instead of there just being a moon biome there should also be a biome for every planet in the solar system, and every planets moons too. I feel the game would benefit from this, because it would alow the player to explore more in a game, that i feel, is lacking places to explore.


Space has a lack of ambient warmth, which I think is I think the definition of a cold environment.


Wow, is so good data :dead:


It depends space has huge temperature swings. in the shade it’s almost always at “absolute zero” but in the sun it depends on the approximation of the sun and the thing it’s hitting, yet needless to say it’s still going to be extremely hot.


Space has no air in it. Because it is lacking a medium for heat to exist in, all objects in it can be cold. Radiation is the only way to “heat” objects up, due to the radiation exciting the atoms of the object.
So space itself is neither cold or hot.


Cold is not a thing. It is the lack of a thing. Specifically, it’s a lack of heat, so if there’s no heat it’s cold.


Yes lack of heat but also lack of air. Space for some reason does not have the dark mist thing. A glitch?

This debate about coldness of space should be in its own thread lol :smiley:

Well have you ever seen the sun in space? I’ve only seen the stars. Even if the temperature doesn’t get you, the lack of air will! :wink:


In real life the sun is just another star. It’s just closer to the Earth and Moon than the other stars (keeping the Earth in stable orbit). The sun is visible in space, when it is not blocked by planets or other bodies.

But in the Blockheads it is not visible in space. But in Terraria, the sun and the Moon both appear in the space sky.


On the topic of the moon, what if big planets could have multiple moons instead of or as an alternative to big moons? Like irl, Mars (smaller than Earth, even) has two (albeit really tiny) moons and Jupiter has at least fifty (though I do not expect to see gas planets in this game any time soon). Also what if moon stones were like, a sixth gem tier? As in, they’d be even better than diamonds and would be a gem (almost?) exclusive to the moon environment… Basic moon terrain then would probably be “moon rocks” and could even include a dirt-like block called “moon dust” as well?
Also, what if there are ice moons too? Similar to Europa, a moon of the planet Jupiter, they would be composed (entirely?) of water, with an ice shell and possibly a core made of “Ice Nine” (Vonnegut, much?) which would quickly freeze you if you got too near. There might also be some unique water aliens (sea worms, and some kind of predator that is stronger than sharks?)…


The dragon and Phoenix mentioned in this thread before should be classified as Biome Bosses. For the dessert biome boss, there should be a giant red scorpion or something. The bosses should drop some rare loot.