Bitcoin and NFT meme & quotes (Game reward!)

So Im being lazy again and I was reading bitcoin meme & quotes I laugh so hard :joy::joy: what I read when bitcoin meme is coming XD
Here some pictures :camera: and Information just be patients to read the long thread thanks!


Yeah bitcoin is inside the technology and I was searching how to have bitcoin? And bitcoin can buy/sell things :wink:


This pic laugh out loud HAHA I was thinking to bought bitcoin and defiantly they will gone :lol:

I don’t really know too what is bitcoin? So I asked to people what is bitcoin hehe so they said The Bitcoin were talking about is in the technology like a credit card but I dont know whats the bitcoin purpose too I just know little you can buy a bitcoin. 1 Bitcoin amount 10,551 pretty money huh But the bitcoin kinda helpful or something to you. You could search for more info about bitcoin :blush:

Yes! Yes! Yes! Here’s the surprise! I’ll opening the server named Bitcoin city! (Mac server) its gonna be a huge server its “vanilla” and “1x” hehe Thanks for reading all of this. Its actually for forums games but its kinda history from Bitcoin :lol: I hope you joined this game topic!!!

-No bad bitcoin meme
-No embarassing bitcoin meme
-No other meme only Bitcoin sorry about this hehe…
You can reply just sentence for bitcoin meme! So Goodluck there will be a secret reward when you won this game its include from my server only to the Bitcoin city! (Mac server) hehe I just wanted to noticing you.
No worries the server will be opened as soon I finish the progressing more info? In multiplayer “Bitcoin city” thread.
Good luck!!! And thanks for joining post any BITCOIN MEME & QUOTES as you can!

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You’re just still too young to know how bitcoin works…


Same. ._.


Triggered alert :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Well, I believe there is a good reason why people under 18 aren’t allowed to buy bitcoin after all. In fact, while most people want to do weird stuff when they turn 18, I’m only thinking about being able to mine bitcoin. :crazy_face::crazy_face:


Un could we just stick in the game? Bitcoin meme is the main topic here beside This is a bitcoin meme game only picture I just explained the bitcoin why is tho interesting if my age not enough then I’ll stop explaining tho. Lets just move on and reply a meme bitcoin thats all. Thanks!

Edit: I already know how to get bitcoin mining to get tho but u need hard disk for that if u lose ur bitcoin private key you might lost all ur bitcoins. :wink:


And sorry if I’m dense but how is bitcoin funny?

Yep hard disk for the bitcoin private key. You know should we stop talking about the irl bitcoin and start with the bitcoin meme? The funny is some people made a bitcoin meme you know whats meme are right? Meme can make u laugh or embarrassing. Okay :slight_smile:

Bitcoin is no laughing matter, this I know for sure.

Please just like this :frowning:
A bitcoin meme pic? Isnt that funny?

That bear looks like one of those animatronic bears in whatever horror games those are called…

But eh, kinda funny.


In any situation, no matter what glory it causes, it is morally and downright wrong to burn vegetation.

Its just a pic if u cant take this thread why dont u just ignore it? Sorry for being not patients really sorry :cry:

What a specific topic, Bitcoin memes only.

If you’re really making a Bitcoin history server but say you are confused on what Bitcoin is, that’ll be interesting. Expect to see me there. :slight_smile:

danganronpa, don’t ask me how I know

And @Blocknuggets while I don’t see the humour, I do know what it is like to be the only one to get a joke, and I hope you enjoy the jokes without worrying how others feel

Um @SomeRandomUser what else meme I could make? Not bitcoin meme okay what other meme topic I could change?

Man, you guys are all downers. Pretty disappointed in the response this thread got.

@Blocknuggets I’ve got a meme for you



See that what I just wanted joke pics from bitcoin meme isnt that hard? No right I’ll try find bitcoin meme hehe. Thanks for the pic :slight_smile: I appreciated.

Edit: Here’s mine

All I know about bitcoin is that one of my favorite youtubers nearly had his stolen, and he had thousands

excuse the poor meme

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Did you quote me and then remove it? Because that was really taken out of context. I said it was an interesting idea afterwards in that same post.