Black bar on side of screen

On my galaxy s10e rotating the device will sometimes cause a black bar to appear on the side of the screen, which doesn’t let me see my inventory bar. I can still fully interact with it though. this also happens when I hold it horizontally. I think this is because of the resolution of the game though

EDIT: yes yes, I know this post is like multiple months old and is very late, but I found out that it actually only appears when I pull up the chat. I’ve reported it to noodlecake but I’ve yet to get a response

I think that’s because The Blockheads doesn’t currently support devices with a camera cutout.

Have you tried rotating it in a different way?

yes. it still has it

I would think that the phone would just let the camera obstruct whatever in is in the way of rather than placing a black bar at edge to cover the camera in that case, but could be a thing in the phones system code or something.


The Galaxy S10E doesn’t have a notch.

Just to make it clear, the S10E does not have a notch like the iPhone X series of phones. The S10E does have a cutout for the camera though. Essentially there is a “hole” in the screen where the camera goes. I’d presume any phone with an irregular display (either a notch or cutout) the phone would handle it the same way.

Also, based off the fact is only occurs when sometimes when rotating the device, and not always present, I doubt it is an issue with how the game is formatted to fit on the screen

Probably worth reporting to Noodlecake Studios, the Android developer. There’s a link to email them in the Support section of the HELP/CREDITS screen, reached via the pause menu.