This is a rant that may not be pleasant to some of you, but if you choose to “stay out of social justice issues” and “politics” is White. Cis. Privilege.

Even in a server blockheads discord, even in a game like this…

Specifically in a game like this where I have to ban in a daily basis blockheads with the N word and F Word as their IGN.

Don’t choose to ignore, please engage, debate and DO BETTER image


I completely agree with you but I feel like a lot of the people who play this game are a bit too young to understand yet. It’s a lousy excuse for sure but we can only hope that when they mature, they become the people who will make the future a better place for everyone

I just caught up on the Discord stuff, I’m sorry you had to go through all that. I hope you find a place where you can find people who are as passionate as you about social justice. Please keep up the good work you do :slight_smile:


My post was flagged as inappropriate : “the community feels it is offensive or abusive…”

This further proves my point and the flagging is blatant racism



I find it sad that the first response in this thread aims to reduce the responsibility of the attacker. A kid experiencing racism understands they are being targeted because of their race but the racist kid is somehow ignorant of their own actions? If you think the racist kid is truly ignorant then post a message to educate them before you hit ban.

I find it sad you didn’t bother finishing reading the comment before going keyboard warrior on me.

I didn’t even know the context to this thread before commenting and made an edit after I did read it.

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Just because you dont understand something doesnt mean you gotta criticise it :slight_smile:
I am trans, asian, gay and mentally unwell some of the time, so I try not to judge minorities even if i dont understand. Everyone is equal, regardless of race gender sexuality abilities religion etc.


oh that was referring to the people who have inappropriate names, I don’t tolerate actual behavior like that. I ban people for the smallest bit of offensive behavior :slight_smile:

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Just the fear that this thread will probably get deleted because the truth is spoken, is proof enough and makes you realize with what type of people you are dealing with.

A place bound by strict-rules isn’t always practical. There will always be people who are entitled to these rules, and even with the slightest offensive thing they find, they will mark it as ‘innapropriate’ or try some other way to have it removed. It’s sad really, and pathetic.

@Catage Why would someone waste their precious time educating a stranger which purposefully goes anonymous and hides their IP, just to insult others and make them feel like less for their own gain. When they are just 1-click away from a ban button which makes it 1 headache less that you would have to go through. It is not our responsibility to educate these children. Especially if they are mere strangers on the internet.


I mean I totally agree with most of the statement made here. Like whoever you wanna be more power to ya. If you wanna be this kinda person or do this thing good for you I genuinely support that. Yes I certainly do think white privilege in many cases like the police and their history have been so corrupt it’s stupid. And yes I’m a Straight white male but in my opinion someone assuming a straight white male is a terrible person who is racist and whatever else, Is as bad as me assuming African Americans are drug dealers. I rest my case.

I spent a lot of time writing and rewriting a reply. But perhaps simple is best



What if I just want to mind my own business, especially considering the fact that I dislike racism? :disappointed_relieved:


I completely agree with this thread, though it came on a little aggressive to me. I feel like this whole message needs to be spread positively, not by attacking those who don’t agree with it. (Though this is a fact. Black lives DO matter, so it definitely isn’t a belief.)

Clarifying my previous post, this is something I don’t want to physically be forced into. It seems awfully dangerous if you consider the tensions between protestors and the police spraying tear gas everywhere.

Being indifferent is the same as approval.


What do you mean?

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By allowing the perpetrators to continue perpetrating, you’ve already chosen a side to support.

The only way to “not be racist” is to be anti racist and continually work to allow equity – giving everyone what they need instead of giving everyone the same thing – for all. One action doesn’t define you, and you can’t say “I’m anti racist because I held the door open for a black person last week.”


Oh, I see now. Thanks! :slight_smile:

I’m glad that everybody is getting involved to support BLM. Even agencies!


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Ok. I understand that point of view as well. (Bye? I’m a bit confused)

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