Black screen whenever I press join world!HELP

This happens whenever I press play XC

My phone is red magic 5g , android 10 , latest gen

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May I ask if it was frozen, or you could still select your other blockhead?

Does that happen in all worlds?

I could still select other block heads and choose items . I suspect it’s the zoom glitch but idk how to fix

No I tried making a new world but it was completely fine and I could see everything perfectly

Try hard restarting your device.

Tried that . Didn’t work :pensive:

It will be easier to advise if you share the details of your device, such as model and generation, iOS version, and what you have tried.

Also, can you please try joining a few random online worlds and see if it happens on all or some of them?

My phone is red magic 5g , android 10 , latest gen

Regarding trying to join other worlds : I made a new world but everything was fine , I could play normally . It’s just that world . This problem started when I was playing normally and the screen just jumped to a black place , I tried zooming out and in but I couldn’t see any colours that might indicate where my blockheads were . I even tried tapping on the block heads so that the game would direct the view to them but it didn’t work. This is what it looked it

Try restarting your device

What happens if you connect to a random online world?

Whenever I press join world after reading the rules and regulations of an online world , the game would freeze making it unplayable. So I only play offline .

You’re not alone.

But joining online world isn’t an issue to me cause I like playing offline it’s just now that this happens I’m afraid that I would have to leave my stuff behind and make a new world which would be really annoying