Black screen while making painting

So this is a second issue which was my primary issue before my last post about being able to contact the right type of supporters for Android users. I will be as detailed as I possibly can be.

I had just upgraded my bench, the one to craft paintings. I have the materials to craft a big portrait square painting but when I click that option, it sends me to my gallery to which I click the photo I want. Once I click it I believe the issue lies where it tries to go back into the game from my gallery to the game I receive a black screen and I can not craft my painting or even choose the pigment type to craft it.

The most notable issue here is, the crash and black screen happened after I choose my photo and try to return to the game, I believe it struggles to return to the application and so it gives me a black screen which I have to close the application.

Which version of Android are you on?

I am on Android version 10. My phone is a Google Pixel XL not sure if the phone itself will have an effect but that is it in case.

The game is known to have issues on more recent versions of Android. It could also be due to the fact that the Google Pixel XL is unsupported and is more than four years old at this point. I am sure that it’s an issue related to software though.