Blackness everywhere...unknowns attack my device

Every part of my world is black but not the block the portal is on. I can not move or place anything on that one block, and I cannot mine under it, as everything but that 2 blocks with the portal and me are not black. After I restarted my device and exited, all my things were back to how they were when I first started. My buildings were gone, and the objects were floating mid air.

I could not use the items, and my inventory was the same but the items names have changed to ‘Unknown’ I am using a Samsung tablet. It looks to me as corruption and a bad case of unknown-itis but together? There was no warning signs only black mist coming in straight lines over then curves. And the block heads stuck in the mist crash the game when used. Some parts are still black and there are only 10 blocks either side of the portal I can look at without my game crashing. It lags even so.It’s just so sad to see all my items gone. I hope Dave does his majic and fixes the unknown bug and the corruption glitch.

Woah, well that’s weird…

Corruption? Kindof think so:)

Send your saves folder to me,I think maybe I can solve it…

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How do I send a saves folder? #NoobElert