Block Towers: Cloud world

I’ve noticed people saying there are no good servers this is a reminder my servers don’t allow inappropriate stuff

Welcome to Block Towers

This is a pvp survival server. Please read the entire welcome message.


  1. No protection signs except special circumstances.

  1. No asking for mod or admin. If you ask for mod or admin your name will go on the “do not admin” list immediately.

  1. No killing within 100 blocks of the spawn portal.

  1. No making holes within 100 blocks of the spawn portal. If this rule is broken too many times, I will protect the first 150 blocks. You may collect dirt, and other things but be smart about it and fill your holes immediately.

  1. No cussing not even acronyms. If you don’t know what an acronym means, don’t use it. If you use it I will assume you know the meaning.

  1. No arguing about covid. People have very different opinions about it. You can respectfully discuss it but no arguments.

  1. No arguing about anything. I hate arguments. If you argue with staff, they have permission to immediately ban you.

  1. No default pictures allowed. “But what if I like it?” Play somewhere else. My server, my rules. “But I don’t know how to change it.” The Blockheads: How Do I Change My Picture? - YouTube this video tells you how to change it.

  1. No inappropriate names or pictures.

10: No hacking or duping.

11. No safes/cabinets are allowed. Stealing is allowed.

  1. Read the rules often to make sure you don’t break them. New rules will have the date they were added. You have one day to use “I didn’t see that rule” as an excuse.

Server created: 1/29/2022

By joining, you accept the rules and full responsibility if you break them.

Is the server open yet? I’m interested in joining it. :slight_smile:

Yes it is

when I search block towers a ton of worlds show up

My ign is haileyjoychannel

I still can’t find it

Check your search options and make sure either the options circled are selected or either is selected