Block won't stay, turns into floating block

There are some specific blocks in a server I’m in where anything placed doesn’t stay, it turns into a floating object. For example, I try to place a marble and it turns into a floating marble. Or a ladder or lantern, those also won’t stay. The object staays for like half a second and then floats.

Has anyone else had this problem? How can I fix it?

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Are you trying to place things in water?

no its just empty space.

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When you zoom out and view the spot, does it appear as a green space? If so, then an admin will need to use the /repair command and tap that space to fix it. Sometimes this happens when plants such as tulips or vines have occupied that space.


I’m going to private message you in a bit, to see if we can work this out :upside_down_face:

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Thanks for moving me to the appropriate section! I’m new to the forums so I don’t really understand the layout yet.

Its underground and the space used to be occupied by a marble, but I wanted to replace it with red marble. So there were no plants. I was able to place a trapdoor to fill the space, but nothing else will stay. The same thing has happened in multiple other spots in my house, but I’ve just been placing trapdoors to fix it.

I removed a trapdoor and there is a green spot.

Can a mod fix this or just an admin? My boyfriend is a mod and the admins aren’t very active.

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I think there used to be a trick where you placed columns over the spot and removed them and it disappeared, but I’m not sure if that works underground or if that’s still a fix for it. Unfortunately, since the /repair can potentially be abused, it’s only available for admins to use. Maybe you could ask the server owner to help?

Is the owner active?
If he/she is, then it’s super easy to fix with /repair.
(Or an Admin can do it)

And yes - I’ve seen this happen several times on my own server.
I just fixed about 4 trouble spots in the past week.

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If you place a piece of dirt under that spot and plant a sunflower (so it grows into the “bad” spot), and then knock it down you should be able to place something in that spot again. I don’t know if the column thing works, but I know the sunflower trick does.

my boyfriend just got turned into an admin, but hee doesn’t know how to use /repair. Can you tell me how it works? He is playing on a MacBook if it matters

Scroll to the trouble spot and type /repair.
Then very careful tap the bad block.
A red square will appear on that space.
Tap the red square and it will reset back to it’s original state.

Type /repair to exit repair mode.
(Be careful not to tap other squares unintentionally as there is no Undo button)

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like, just type /repair on the keyboad?

In the chat.