Welcome to BlockCity!

We have a few rules and regulations here you need to follow:


  1. No hacking or duping if you break this rule you will be banned on spot. No second chances for hacking or duping.

  1. Don’t ask for admin or mod. Also don’t spam or advertise. If you are interested in a staff position then just follow the rules and be active. You can advertise your server on the forums not here.

  1. Don’t ask for people to be unbanned. If someone would like to be unbanned they can contact me on the forums or discord.

  1. Only miners can mine. It will be hard to enforce this, so if you are a miner please request a spot to mine. You can only mine if you request a spot.

  1. Only farmers can grow crops and have animals even dodos. They can not sell ores or other non food items. Leather, sticks, wood, poison, yak items, and feathers count as food items.

  1. You must only gather items related to your job. You can buy anything though.

  1. Do not build extra shops all shops will be premade. You may build houses.

  1. You may only have benches related to your profession. They must be in your shop not your house.

  1. No political paintings or discussions. If you are unsure please ask.

  1. You might find a cave troll with a trade portal. Trade portals are not allowed to be placed. The reward for turning in a trade portal is 10 gold. The reward for a cave troll is 2 plat.

  1. Check the rules often I have ideas for trial runs that may be implemented full time or on a trial basis. Check here to keep up. The forums post may not be always updated.

Thank you for taking the time to read. Please say: Time to play!


In the next couple days I am going to be opening an economic server I will edit with the rules when it opens but right now I need to gage how many people are interested a big thing will be no trade portals at all it’ll be completely economic

  • Very interested
  • Somewhat interested
  • Not at all interested

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I think this would be a great idea! I like the idea of no trade portals. I support this idea for a server.


like the idea, especially no trade portals, but i find it difficult to play on more than two servers actively.


This is a great idea for a server. I will try to stop by when it opens.

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It will be public by 9:30 pm cst tonight which is in less then an hour before I open it I want to explain something about the rules I will only make very limited shops to begin with I will buy supplies from people to get more this will come from city shops I will probably either make an alt to play with or make an alt to make owner and use my main account to play with probably the former since I can’t buy from my own shops so it’s very important people set their shops up when they can so I can make more im minorly using a tp to set up after that I will not use it unless it’s extremely important and I won’t use it to play with

@agentpinkdog is it custom, survival, or expert?

Custom and now public


*the bank is being built rn and is also a city job but you must be trustworthy

*I left but I’ll be back at 9:40ish cst

I’ll try and stop by and visit!
I have some plans to revitalize SGE, but we’ll see if I’ve got time :slight_smile:


@Skeeve that’s why I wasn’t talking much yesterday on sge lol
(I’ll mod you and tell you the same thing I told Rosie and bekah I haven’t decided about admins yet depends probably on what happens)

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Join the discord to get important updates and find a job!

Important announcement: To celebrate spring break and encourage an active player base we are having a celebration Monday, March 22nd 2021-03-22T17:00:00Z at noon cst everyone who joins will receive a free amusement park pass (currently being built) and there will be a race on the spring track (handcar) food will be (limited per person) cake and pizza and the business who gets the most votes will receive a prize (based on what kind of business the prize will help you grow it)


My spring break was last week :weary:

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Ours is in two weeks :confused:

Mine didn’t even start yet :skull:

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Waiii and I don’t really get spring break.

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Then how about I change it to 2021-03-20T21:00:00Z


I have a problem, I would like to buy a shop for 25 gold but I only have 12 gold, how do you think I should get if there are no tp?

Well you can explore and find pole items just one pole item would get 50 gold so you would have enough or you could get a bank loan


Or buy that shop but beware the reason it’s so cheap is there’s scorpions before it but that also makes it a good location to sell food (unless that’s not the kind you want lol)

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I was wondering if I could buy the mining shop by spawn, and mine in the cave beneath it.