Blockhead = animal



Wait, what are you talking about?

Look the buck toothed blockhead is in the animal section.

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it is a rabbit me thinks.

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Human primitive
Monke primitive
Monke animal
We animal
So blockhead hooman
Blockman is a certified animal

Blockhead capable of many things. Being an animal is one.

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The Blockhead is a humanoid, at least in appearance.

BeakBoi finds it amusing that the buck-toothed BH is in the “Animals and Nature” section (with this text being seen under the emoji searchbar).

The BH was put there because it has buckteeth, in imitation of a rabbit.

The other BH Emojis are not categorized as “Animals and Nature”.

Buck BH is.

To cycle back to the first sentence, Beakboi shares the screenshot because he finds it funny.

Thus, he created this thread.


Did you spend a solid 8-10 minutes writing the most elaborate explanation to why I thought a bucked tooth blockhead in animal section of emojis was amusing. :lol:


I’d have to be an abnormally slow typer to take as long as 8-10 minutes to type something of that length. I’d guess 2 minutes.
WumboJumbo seemed to have trouble understanding. :man_shrugging:

EDIT: huh, I scrolled up and saw that he’s since deleted his post asking about it, though.


I sign of remorse for ones actions JK :rolleyes:

I had no trouble understanding it. I just didn’t see the point.


This thread has confused me more than it should’ve…

You and wumbo huh?

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