Blockhead animation



Tell me any pose below and I’ll make it for you!


Moonwalk Blockhead HAHA :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:





LOL :joy::joy:


Is seeing a photo of a Blockhead executing a grand jeté too much to ask for?



Pss: Kinemaster is the worst editor I’ve ever seen. Any good editors that you would recommend to me? An editor that has chroma key.


Looks cool :smiley:

I suggest Adobe Premiere Pro CC(For PC) for pro Edits
and for temporary edits you can go for Kinemaster as if you are not happy with it you can go for Chromavid and give it a try.


All of those poses are amazing!


Hold the phone! There isn’t any elbow bend! So that is a Bill Gates dab!


What about… a blockhead doing… THE FLOSS!!!


Make a blockhead T-Posing, LIKE IN FORTNITE AND IN 3D MODELLING (also blueflower use Sony Vegas or any editing software like Blender or Primere Pro).


T-Posing is used for every player model in every “3D” game ever, it’s a standard in video games. Plz no attribute it to only the Fortnites.


Do a blockhead dancing to turn down for what


Awesome!! That looks really cool! :smiley: Also the Blockhead’s default coatless outfit makes a pretty good leotard.

Now I wonder what ballet she’s practicing/performing… :thinking:


Fortnite default dance


Someone do this right now! I’ll pay you platinum coins!



Too fast maybe?




Turn down for what might be a little innapropiate…


You mean because of the video of the original song?