Blockhead animation


Lol :joy:




Woah! That’s much better. How did you make it?

I know it’s not very smooth, I don’t know how to tween photos.


HAHA it’s great


Although this may not be a pose I dare you to make a blockhead ride one of the most fastest roller coasters in the world.


How do you make these?



I use photolayers, Splice and Imgplay. When I really want a good animation I use Kinemaster’s chromakey even that’s really bad.


Can you make a blockhead do a flip on a handcar so we can show Dave what he needs to add to the game? :slight_smile:


I wonder if you make a blockhead do the “;poop command” from HD admin on rblx/roblox? search a video of what it looks like





:smiley: Love it. If only we could do freestyle tricks.



:poop: me
Happy Halloween everyone! For now on I am going to make better animations! You can ask me to remake any of those, better and more creative!


Make a Blockhead do the default Fortnite dance!


FYI dab blockhead isn’t very informational I’ve, maybe change title to blockhead animation or something?


I wonder if you could make something where a blockhead is going up an amusement park drop tower full duration.


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Yeah, could you remake it again?


:disappointed_relieved: :expressionless: :roll_eyes: :open_mouth: :dead:


In first person!
Too big to be converted into a gif.

The fornite dance would take me some more days.


Make a blockhead do the Limbo.